Post Office warns of holiday petrol price hike

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UK holiday makers planning to drive abroad could be faced with sky-high petrol prices, according to the Post Office.

Fuel prices across Europe have soared by as much as 24p a litre for unleaded petrol and 30p for diesel over the past 12 months.

Post Office Travel Money's third survey of 14 countries found the highest rises are in Sweden, with holiday motorists set to pay nearly 25% more for unleaded and a 34% more for diesel fuel than in 2010.

The lowest increases recorded by were in Germany – up 4% for unleaded petrol and 12% for diesel.

The report found while prices have risen across Europe, for diesel car users there will still be considerable savings on UK prices in all countries except Norway. Luxembourg has the cheapest prices, at just 91p per litre.

Wide variations in prices

Sarah Munro, Post Office head of travel money, says: "Fuel costs may have risen steeply across Europe this year but our survey again found wide variations in pump prices.

"This means that UK tourists taking motoring holidays can still make significant savings if they plan carefully. For example, motorists travelling through eastern France could save 15.7% by crossing into Luxembourg and filling up there. 

"The clear message to tourists is to check prices before planning their route and fill up in countries where unleaded petrol or diesel is cheaper.

"Avoid topping up the tank on motorways and instead get fuel at the ferry ports, where it is invariably cheaper, or stop at European supermarkets where it costs less too. With sterling on the rise, tourists should also change money in the UK before they leave to avoid paying more overseas."

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Has the Post Office only just realised fuel is up abroad. It was higher than here in February and I found that even supermarkets were only a fraction less. It's hardly worthwhile worrying about for if you want to drive fast then take the motorways and burn up as much as you can. Otherwise chose the lovely side roads, (with all the roundabouts and lorries), and drive 'autour de 60 miles' to avoid being caught by hidden police. Just remember to slow down to 25 mph when approaching small towns and villages. It's fun driving! I love it.