Supermarkets slash petrol prices

Petrol nozzle

The supermarket petrol price war is hotting up again, with three of the big four announcing price cuts.

Morrisons has cut its prices by 1p per litre on unleaded and 3p per litre on diesel.

Rival Asda has knocked 4p per litre off the price of diesel and 1p off unleaded, while Tesco cut the cost of its unleaded by 1p and its diesel by up to 3p at the majority of its petrol stations.

All cuts came into effect today (May 10).

Mark Todd, petrol director for Morrisons, says: "Wholesale fuel prices are coming down and at Morrisons we always want to pass on savings as soon as we can. That is why our customers are receiving an early cut. Clearly, rising fuel prices have hit families hard over the last 12 months."

Andy Peake, Asda's petrol director, added fuel to the price war flames, saying: "Unlike some retailers, our price cuts are across the board. That's why no-one will pay more than 135.7p per litre for diesel and 134.7p per litre for unleaded when filling up at any one of our forecourts nationwide.

"As world oil prices have fallen over recent days, we've moved quickly to pass those savings on, knocking up to 4p per litre off diesel and a penny off unleaded."

Earlier this year a study by the RAC revealed 93% of drivers thought petrol prices were too high and would cut down on using their cars as a result.


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Given Mr Todd's comments why is there a price variance of 2 - 3p per litre in the price of fuel in Morrisons stores only 14 miles apart?

well well about time - But will it last ?????? ----------------------- in europe which if you remember we are supposed to be a part of they are currently paying approx £1.18p / litre so i will start getting exited once we hit £1.20p / litre, not very likely i think as you have the rip of britain element to add on.
sorry to be so glum but i have lived in this over rated rip off country all my life - half a century and things only go up in price and down in quantity and quality so come on prove me wrong break a habit of a lifetime and see if we can at least try and beat europe and all the perks it gets over we british just for once and get the price of fuel down. Call me sceptical about rip off britain but is this reduction in fuel price only to be added in road tax at the next buget.

Well my local Asda "slashed" the price of its petrol from £134.9 to £134.7 making the reduction only 0.2p NOT 1p.

This has little bearing on the real world with Tesco running 5p/litre vouchers when you spend £50 at the moment and Morrisons had 6p/litre off vouchers (£40) over the previous bank holidays. Asda doesn't seem that cheap for petrol, diesel looks good value, though.

Living in a rural or remote area of the UK still means it will cost more in fuel and running costs to reach the nearest supermarket - 15 miles at least - than is likely to be saved in forecourt prices..............................and smaller local garages seem to be in no position to be able to pass on reductions.

no matter which way we look at it we are getting ripped off......petrol prices should never be more than 1.20per litre...we are paying for the mistakes of previous and the current government helping in clearing there deficit.....

Why not Sainsbury's?

Why is there a 3p a litre difference for Tesco's Momentum(99) between Milton Keynes and Weybridge?

Tesco are ripping off Surrey consumers.