Get 6p off a litre of petrol at Morrisons

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Morrisons is the latest of the big supermarkets to engage in a price war at the petrol pumps.

Drivers will get 6p off a single litre of petrol if they spend more than £40 on groceries in the store.

Morrisons' 'Fuel Britannia' campaign undercuts similar offers from the Co-op and Sainsbury's.

The Co-op gives 5p off a litre when customers spend £30 or more and Sainsbury's 5p off a litre if shoppers part with £50 or more.

Tesco's 5p for £50 offer expired a few weeks ago but a spokesman from the supermarket giant hinted another offer may be announced.

Good news for customers

Fuel is now the largest single contributor to the cost of living for households in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics.
Vicki Burn, spokesperson for the RAC, says the campaign is good news for shoppers who already use the supermarket and as the Morrisons deal is 6p a litre, instead of the usual 5p, this deal is "better than most".

But, she says, it is vital people shop around for the best deals and use comparison websites like She advises drivers to be especially wary of filling up at motorway service stations because of the "exorbitant" prices they charge.

Customers need to spend £40 at Morrisons to get a 6p coupon though there are exemptions including fuel, cash back, tobacco, dry cleaning and photo printing.

Richard Lancaster, marketing director at Morrisons, says with petrol prices at an all-time high and disposable income down £100 a month from last year, the supermarket wants to provide customers with the best deal on the market.

"We know over the Easter holidays and the Royal Wedding, motorists will want to travel further to visit friends and relatives, but will be put off by the cost of petrol. Our offer ensures our customers can enjoy this time and worry less about the cost," he adds.

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How you can cut down on fuel costs

In March petrol hit a new record average of 130p per litre, and although it's impossible to do anything about rising costs, there are ways you can save money.

* By changing driving patterns you can cut down the amount you spend. Driving at a constant speed, making sure you're not carrying around unnecessary weight, like unused roof-racks, keeping your tyres at the right pressure and driving below the speed limit will cut down petrol costs.

* Making several small journeys is costly, as your engine won't have enough time to warm up properly.

* Plan your route before you leave the house and try and combine journeys.


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Why a 'single' litre - does this mean one only?

It would be worth considering however Morrisons garage outlets are so few and far between it just isnt a viable offer as far as I am concerned.
The nearest Morrisons garage to Swindon which is a large town is almost a 40 mile round trip so not worth shopping in Morrisons just for 6p /Litre.

Glad they are offering 6p of a litre as according to the petrol prices website they are the most expensive just now in my area.

any advice for best way to carry an additional weight of 145kg powerchair - this is essential part of kit to transport and yet the costs of transportation are intense

The catch with Morrisons fuel deal is that you have to present your receipt for the groceries at the same time as you present the 6p off voucher. I was told I should have read the small print on the reverse.!

There is one more thing you can add to save petrol,

'Petrol Preicis are changing frequently, it is true that a half filed fule tank will give more milage then a full tankl, but in this there is an exception, as petrol prices changes frequiently, so is any one fills half tank with the less price and some one fill full tank with that last a week is more beneficial.

If petrol preices would be changing then half tank is good, but because it keeps on changing so a full tank will save more.

I, too, attempted to use the voucher but was told I had to produce my shopping receipt! The attendant in the petrol station said that I should have been informed of this when I received it in the store, but I wasn't! I'm off to make a complaint to Morrisons as I spent £50 on petrol today!

Went into Morrison today after reading on internet regarding 6p fuel discount purchased £53.00 items only to be told offer had ended 1/5/2011, found internet details misleading had to pay the full £140.9 for the fuel