Nine out of 10 parking appeals successful

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Up to nine out of 10 appeals against parking tickets are successful, according to research from Which?

In its report on parking charges, the consumer group found that up to 90% of appeals are quashed when they go to appeal.

Beat the parking fine traps

The research found the London borough of Westminster issues more tickets than any other council with 687,795 handed out on 2008/2009. But a whopping 87% of drivers won when they appealed against the fines.

In Coventry 77% of the 30,561 tickets were revoked while in Hull 73% of the 24,722 drivers who were issued with fines won their appeal.

More than eight million parking tickets are issued every year in the UK and nearly half come from local authorities in London.

The figures suggest parking tickets are being handed out unfairly and unnecessarily. But Lee Rowley, a councillor in Westminster claimed the figures were not a reflection of wrongly issued tickets. Rather, he claimed that evidence provided by the driver later shows an exemption applied.

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Which? compiled the research by using a Freedom of Information Act to request data from city councils about parking revenue.

The report also looked at which areas were the priciest when it comes to parking. London was top of the list with an average of £5.50 for one hour parking in a car park, compared to 80p an hour in Stoke.

If you receive a parking ticket you must pay it within 28 days. You can usually pay a lower rate if you pay within two weeks. However, as this research shows it's always worth making an appeal.

Find out if you can appreal unfair parking tickets

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Maybe i should have let it go through and then appealed.

I was in a strange town (Fleet in Hampshire) and found myself in need of parking very quickly. I saw some cars parked on the side of the road and standing there was a parking attendant, I got out and said " Can i Park here" he said " its only an hours parking. I said "thats ok its an emergency i wont be long". I parked and went to find a chemist, on my return I HAD BEEN GIVEN A TICKET AND THE SAME ATTENDANT WAS STANDING THERE. I said" i asked you if i could park and you said its only an hours parking" "Well it is, but you cant park between 3pm and 6pm he said and you parked at 3.20pm
He hadnt even mentioned that so i went to Hart District Council Office which i had noticed on the way into the town, spoke to the lady behind the desk, and she said well you will have to pay because you were parked illegally.
Can anyone beat this for a Jobsworth!!!!!!!! The woman said a lot of people do that, the signs not really in a good place!!!
This was definitely a case where i should have appealed.
Thank you for the article pointing this out.

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