Newcastle Building Society: Big Little Saver

Newcastle Building Society
Account:Big Little Saver
Account type:Savings Account
Tax status:Taxable
Rates & conditions
Headline interest rate 1.87% AER
Interest rate type Variable
Interest payment frequency Monthly
Rate tiers
Gross Rate Excluding BonusGross Rate Including BonusAERAER
Introductory bonus No introductory bonus payable.
Bonus payment conditions Bonus Conditions - The rate includes a bonus of 1.00%. In order to qualify for the bonus each month, one credit must have been made to the account and no withdrawals during the bonus qualifying period, which runs from the monthly anniversary date up to the same date of the next month, e.g. if the account is opened on the 27th January, the monthly anniversary is the 27th of each subsequent month.
Interest rate guarantees There are no interest rate guarantees.
Interest payment options to same account
Opening the account
Minimum age -
Maximum age 16 years
Minimum deposit £1
Account opened
Account conditions
  • Bonus conditions
  • Withdrawal conditions
Managing the account
Minimum balance £1
Minimum withdrawal £1
Minimum additional deposit £0
Maximum balance £1,000,000
Withdrawal conditions Withdrawal Conditions - Withdrawals are permitted without notice or penalty, although the bonus will be lost for each month in which a withdrawal is made.
Statement frequency annually
Additional information No additional information.