NatWest: Select Account

Account:Select Account
Product summary:Free overdraft control facility and access to cash without your card in emergency.
Moneywise verdict:This basic account isnt particularly inspiring but it has some innovative additional features like its mobile app which lets you pay bills and transfer cash to friends and family. Our readers also really rate is online service.
Account ratings
Account ratings
Online service - 4.27
Call centre service - 3.98
Branch service - 4.16
Trustworthiness - 4.22
Opening the account
Minimum Income £0
Minimum Age 18 years
Maximum Age -
Existing customers only -
Area restrictions There are no area restrictions that apply to this account.
Overdrafts and charges
Monthly Charge -
Overdraft facilities
Automatic overdraft facility £0
Interest Free Overdraft Limit £10
Authorised overdraft rate 19.89% APR/EAR
Unauthorised overdraft rate 0% APR/EAR
Overdraft related charges Paid item max fee - £0
Paid item max no - 0
Unpaid item max fee - £60
Unpaid item max no - 10
Stepped cheque charge - £10
Overseas charges (Europe only) Forex fee - 2.75%
Charge for £100 ATM withdrawal - £2
Charge for £100 debit card transaction - £0
Account charges ATM withdrawal - £0
Transactions - £0
Bankers draft - £20
Special clearance - £15
CHAPS - £23
Duplicate statement - £3
Interest rates and other incentives
Headline interest rate 0% AER
Rate tiers
Gross Rate Excluding BonusGross Rate Including BonusAER
Maximum balance for interest -
Minimum initial deposit £0
Minimum Monthly Credit £0
Interest paid na
Incentives Annual travel insurance -
Breakdown insurance -
Discount vouchers -
Savings sweep -
Other Insurance - no
Other incentive - Offset Service allows customers to use their balance to reduce interest payments on their mortgage.
Service information
Free banking
Account access Telephone
Post office
Services available Standing order
Direct debit
Bill payment
Round-up savings
Text alerts
Text mini statements
ATM mini statements
Cards / cheques provided Debit card
ATM card
Maximum ATM withdrawal £300
Time for cheque to clear 4 days
Statement frequency monthly