Monmouthshire Building Society: Saver Plus Account Issue 3

Monmouthshire Building Society
Account:Saver Plus Account Issue 3
Account type:Savings Account
Tax status:Taxable
Rates & conditions
Headline interest rate 1.15% AER
Interest rate type Variable
Interest payment frequency Annually
Rate tiers
Gross Rate Excluding BonusGross Rate Including BonusAER
Introductory bonus No introductory bonus payable.
Bonus payment conditions Bonus Conditions - The rate includes an annual bonus of 1.00% payable on 31st March if no more than 1 withdrawal has been made in the year and all 12 monthly payments have been made.
Interest rate guarantees There are no interest rate guarantees.
Interest payment options to same account / to another savings account / to bank account
Opening the account
Minimum age -
Maximum age -
Minimum deposit £20
Account opened
Account conditions
  • Area Restrictions
  • Bonus conditions
  • Withdrawal conditions
Managing the account
Minimum balance £20
Minimum withdrawal £1
Minimum additional deposit £0
Maximum balance £500,000
Withdrawal conditions Withdrawal Conditions - One withdrawal is permitted per year (ending 31 March) without affecting the bonus. If any further withdrawals are made in the year the bonus will be lost. If more than 3 withdrawals are made in the year the account will be closed. No penalty for closure.
Statement frequency annually
Additional information No additional information.