Latest Polls

Do you work out what balance transfer fee you will pay before switching credit cards?

Yes: Of course. Fees can be significant and I don't want any nasty surprises.
43% (344 votes)
No: I only ever take out a fee-free deal.
17% (138 votes)
Yes: It's the only way to work out the true cost of the credit card facility.
25% (200 votes)
No: I assumed a 0% balance transfer deal meant there were no fees.
14% (109 votes)
Total votes: 791

Has the Chinese crisis affected your investment decision-making?

YES: I've sold some of my investments so I don't lose more money
8% (76 votes)
YES: I've moved out of some of my equity investments and into bonds
2% (19 votes)
YES: I've bought more shares to benefit from depressed prices
15% (152 votes)
NO: I'm investing for the long-term and don't react to market events on a day-to-day basis
76% (766 votes)
Total votes: 1013

Are you worried about rising interest rates?

Yes: I'm concerned about how much my mortgage payments will go up by.
20% (192 votes)
Yes: The knock-on effect on bond prices could hit the value of my pension.
2% (16 votes)
No: It's about time savings rates improved.
63% (618 votes)
No: I'm an investor and growth is good.
16% (158 votes)
Total votes: 984

Have the new pension freedoms triggered you to seek financial advice?

YES: I needed expert help
13% (129 votes)
YES: The guidance offered by Pension Wise isn't detailed enough for me
10% (97 votes)
NO: But I take regular financial advice anyway
20% (194 votes)
NO: I don't need any help managing my finances
58% (573 votes)
Total votes: 993

Do you trust comparison sites to find you a good deal?

YES: I always use them to choose products.
7% (81 votes)
YES: But I always do some of my own price research too.
48% (554 votes)
I trust some sites but not others.
19% (216 votes)
NO: I don't trust them at all.
26% (299 votes)
Total votes: 1150

Under the new Tory government, which change to personal finance policy would you most like to see?

An increased personal allowance for income tax?
53% (1700 votes)
An increase in the higher-rate income tax threshold?
12% (384 votes)
An increase in the inheritance tax nil-rate band to £1m?
26% (836 votes)
A separate peer-to-peer Isa with its own allowance?
5% (166 votes)
Other (please comment below)
4% (121 votes)
Total votes: 3207

Do you plan to use your new £15,240 Isa allowance for the 2015/16 tax year?

YES: In a mixture of cash and stocks and shares
14% (390 votes)
YES: Only in a cash Isa
39% (1050 votes)
YES: Only in a stocks and shares Isa
19% (524 votes)
NO: I can't afford to save at all
27% (744 votes)
Total votes: 2708

Ahead of the General Election in May, which political party do you believe will be best for your household finances?

If you plan to take cash from your pension this year, what will you spend it on?