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  • Lloyds logo

    Lloyds Banking Group has reported a return to profit for the first half of the year, beating forecasts in the process.

  • banks

    Chancellor George Osborne has warned banks that lending to businesses must come before bonuses. Sarah Modlock reports.

  • family holiday

    Banks are hitting holidaymakers with an ‘extortionate’ charge of almost 5% for withdrawing money abroad by using a confusing double-fee policy on debit cards. Rebecca Rutt reports.

  • Pile of money

    HSBC has announced profits of £7 billion for the first six months of 2010 - more than double its profits for the same time last year. Sarah Modlock reports.

  • Piggy bank gamble

    With many banks and building societies not informing savers of changes to interest rates, it's important to keep an eye on your account and hunt out better deals when necessary, says Nathalie Bonney.

  • man with retirement sign

    The default retirement age of 65 could be scrapped from October next year under proposals set out by the government.

  • small houses

    House prices have fallen for the first time since February, prompting fears that the housing market recovery is over and a downward trend will set in for the rest of the year.

  • Metro Bank

    Metro Bank - the first new UK high street bank to open in over 100 years – has finally opened for business. Nathalie Bonney reports

  • currency

    We all know getting our holiday money sorted as early as possible is a good idea. But if you find yourself having to do some last-minute currency conversion, be sure to avoid these scams.

  • medals

    With only two years to go until the 2012 Olympics kick off, figures show that house prices in east London have risen sharply since the capital was awarded the Games five years ago. Rebecca Rutt reports.