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  • US flag and dollars
    02 Jan 2013

    The FTSE 100 has broken the 6000-point barrier today for the first time since July 2011. The milestone comes as the US finally negotiated its way to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'. The Footsie rose 2.2% (130 points) this morning to reach 6028.

  • pounds in hand
    21 Dec 2012

    Male pensioners could see their annuity payouts reduced by up to £10,000 over the lifetime of their retirement, thanks to an EU Directive that comes into effect on 21 December.

  • 17 Dec 2012
    Laura Whitcombe

    Pension savers will soon see the estimated value of their pensions drop significantly after the Financial Services Authority reduces projection rates for pensions. Moneywise takes a closer look at how you can stay on top.

  • Lots of people
    17 Dec 2012

    The proportion of the UK population that are over the age of 65 has risen slightly, while the proportion below the age of 15 has continued on its downward trend, according to figures from the 2011 Census.

  • 14 Dec 2012

    Strong sales in November meant that the average house price in England and Wales rose more than £7,000 for the year, an increase of 3.3%.

  • Mortgage contract
    14 Dec 2012
    Laura Whitcombe

    Newcastle Building Society has become the latest lender to exit the interest-only mortgage market. While it has pulled its interest-only mortgages with immediate effect (14 December), existing customers will be able to continue with their mortgages as normal.

  • Thumbs up
    14 Dec 2012
    Johanna Gornitzki

    Have you been tempted to buy the cheapest home insurance, only to suffer terrible customer service when you needed to make a claim? Or have you found yourself doing all the legwork when it was your bank's fault your current account was wrongly debited?

  • 13 Dec 2012
    Laura Whitcombe

    With rental prices soaring, and first-time buyers struggling to raise large deposits, the rental market is booming. But, is now a good time to enter the market as a private landlord?

  • Tax return
    11 Dec 2012
    Ruth Jackson

    The online self-assessment tax return's deadline is on 31 January. To make sure you avoid the heavy penalties, here's our guide to getting it in on time.

  • Bulbs
    10 Dec 2012
    Emma Gunn

    E.on has announced prices for dual energy customers will rise by 8.7% from 18 January 2013.