Moneywise First 50 Funds - active funds to add value

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UK Stock market income

CF Woodford Equity Income C Inc or Acc
Managed by the UK’s best- known fund manager, Neil Woodford, this invests primarily in UK-listed companies. It aims to provide a reasonable level of income together with capital growth.
OCF: 0.75%
ISIN – Inc: GB00BLRZQ620
Acc: GB00BLRZQ73

MI Chelverton UK Equity Income B Inc or Acc
By investing in predominantly medium-sized companies, it aims to deliver a high and growing quarterly dividend and the prospect of good long-term capital growth.
OCF: 0.92%
ISIN – Inc GB00B1FD6467
Acc: GB00B1Y9J570

Marlborough Multi Cap Income P Inc or Acc
With a bias to small and mid- cap companies, it seeks to generate an attractive and growing level of dividend income, plus long-term capital growth.
OCF: 0.80%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B908BY75
Acc: GB00B907VX

UK stock market growth

AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities ZI Inc or Acc
Run by very experienced and highly respected Nigel Thomas, it can invest in UK companies of any size.
OCF: 0.83%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B703ZS07
Acc: GB00B7FD4C20

Old Mutual UK Mid Cap R Inc or Acc
Its aim is to provide capital growth by investing primarily in a portfolio of medium-sized UK companies.
OCF: 0.85%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B8FC6L92
Acc: GB00B1XG9482

Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund P Acc
Managed by Giles Hargreave, it aims to provide a total return of capital and income in excess of that achieved by the FTSE Small Cap Index (excluding investment companies) over the medium to long term.
OCF: 0.80%

Global stock market

Fundsmith Equity I Inc or Acc
Managed by Terry Smith, it invests in equities on a global basis for the long term. It will not adopt short-term trading strategies.
OCF: 0.97%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B4MR8G82
Acc: GB00B41YBW71

Lindsell Train Global Equity B Inc
Managers Nick Train and Michael Lindsell want to achieve long- term income and capital growth by constructing a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 35 ‘exceptional’ companies from around the world.
OCF: 0.77%
(D Inc version available on Hargreaves Lansdown for 0.57% OCF)
ISIN – B Inc: IE00B3NS4D25

Artemis Global Income I Inc or Acc
The fund is better diversified than some global equity income funds, using its full global remit to exploit income opportunities and keeping its UK content relatively low.
OCF: 0.81%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B5N99561
Acc: GB00B5ZX1M70

Specialist overseas shares

Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Professional Inc or Acc
Japan is a major developed market, and this is a sound choice for getting core Japanese equity exposure into your portfolio. It invests in large-cap Japanese companies focusing on  out-of- favour ‘value’ stocks.
OCF: 0.97%
ISIN - Inc: GB00B3F47512
Acc: GB00B0119B50

Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders B Inc or Acc
Its goal is to achieve long-term capital growth from a portfolio of large and medium-sized companies in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan, including Australasia).
OCF: 0.91%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B57S0V20
Acc: GB0033874768

Fidelity Emerging Markets W Acc
Aiming to offer long-term capital growth, it invests mainly in company shares in countries experiencing rapid economic growth including those in Africa, the Indian sub-continent, Latin America, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
OCF: 1.07%

Absolute return

Newton Real Return W Inc or Acc
A good ‘one stop shop’ for the more cautious investor, it aims to generate a total return compromised of long-term capital growth and income by investing in a broad multi-asset portfolio.

The fund’s manager Iain Stewart’s first priority is capital protection and then he looks to deliver returns of 4% above cash a year over the longer term.
OCF: 0.79%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B7W36529
Acc: GB00B8GG4B61


Kames Absolute Return Bond Fund B Acc
It aims to generate positive absolute returns for investors over a rolling three-year period, irrespective of market conditions.
OCF: 0.69%

Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income Y Inc or Acc
A relatively conservatively managed, high-quality, investment-grade corporate bond portfolio, it aims to provide an attractive level of income and predominantly invests in UK fixed-interest securities, with some exposure to other developed markets.
OCF: 0.56%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B3Z9PT62

Jupiter Strategic Bond I Inc or Acc
A go-anywhere bond fund that aims for a high income and capital growth by seeking out the best fixed- income opportunities in the world.
OCF: 0.73%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B544HM32
Acc: GB00B4T6SD53

MI TwentyFour Dynamic Bond I Inc or Acc
By investing in a broad range of bonds and fixed- income assets, it aims to provide an attractive level of income along with an opportunity for capital growth.
OCF: 0.80%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B57TXN82
Acc: GB00B5VRV677

Marlborough Global bond P Inc or Acc
A very diversified portfolio of bonds from around the world, including the UK. A good way to diversify bond exposure.
OCF: 0.45%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B8H7D001
Acc: GB00B6ZDFJ91


M&G Property Portfolio I Inc or Acc
It invests in a diversified portfolio of commercial property – such as retail, offices and industrial, predominantly in the UK. Offers good, core exposure to property.
OCF: 1.15%
ISIN – Inc: GB00B89X8P64
Acc: GB00B8FYD926

Henderson UK Property I Inc or Acc
This fund has a commitment to paying a high income together with some growth of capital through investment primarily in commercial property and property-related assets.
OCF: 0.85%
ISIN – Inc: GB00BP46GG64
Acc: GB00BP46GF57