Celebrity money secrets - Paul Lawrie

Professional golfer Paul Lawrie won The Open in 1999 and played in Europe's Ryder Cup team in the same year. The Scotsman has also been awarded an MBE and continues to play on the European tour.

Paul also set up the Paul Lawrie Foundation in 2001, which aims to encourage under-18s to try out the sport. Paul, 41, lives with wife Marian and their two teenage sons Craig and Michael in Aberdeen. 

My first job...
Was as an assistant to Doug Smart at Banchory Golf Club and I earned £36 a week. I arrived for work on the first day and Doug darted into the back of the shop, reappearing with my “new best friend" for the next three years – a hoover.

How my upbringing influenced how I handle money:
I was a trainee at the Professional Golfers' Association for four years, where I learnt how to do my accounts and how to handle money – like putting it into savings accounts and doing transfers. This was all a useful lesson for a young lad like myself.

I trust my bank:
My wife and I have banked with the private bank Adam & Company for a long time and we've never had any problems or trouble.

If I was chancellor for the day...
I'd cut taxes. I do understand that this would be hard or even impossible to do – but nice all the same.
I've never been someone who likes to take much risk...
We have a very good accountant who looks after us well. As far as investments go, I quite like knowing where my money is, so I keep it in savings accounts rather than putting it on something that could easily go pear-shaped.

I feel, with the recession and some people having lost a lot on the markets recently, that this has been quite a prudent move. I'm definitely more of a money-under-the-mattress kind of guy.    

My biggest financial worry:
I think for everyone, the biggest worry is that if you lose your money, then it's gone. I've been on the tour for 20 years and at the moment I'm doing OK.

Save or splurge?
I don't spend money on things I can't afford. I'm just not the type of person who spends money for the sake of it. I also never spend extra on credit cards. I've always been very good at knowing the limits and paying off the balance in full each month.

My spending weakness:
I like a nice car and have had a bit of a weakness over the years for buying sports cars – which certainly cost a bit. I've bought a Ferrari or two, which cost me a lot, but I'm being more sensible at the moment and I don't have one right now.
My top money-saving tip:
I use my Kalixa Mastercard abroad because it has 0% fees on all transactions throughout Europe.

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