Is baggage cover really worth it?

Travel insurance is a holiday must-have, but after having a pricey pair of sunglasses stolen, Rachel Lacey wonders whether baggage cover is really worth it.

I'd never travel without insurance – the risk of getting ill or being robbed and stranded without cash just doesn't bear thinking about.

But I do wonder whether some of the benefits are worth it. Take baggage cover, which theoretically pays out if your possessions are lost, damaged or stolen.

On honeymoon I had a pair of £100 sunglasses stolen in the hotel. To claim I needed a receipt which - like most people - I no longer had.

I did have some photos, but I didn't think a snap of me on the beach would cut the mustard.

But the real stumbling block was that I needed to report the sunglasses as stolen and either needed a police report or written confirmation from the hotel.

Now going to the police wasn't an option as it was our last night and we were in the middle of nowhere. And the hotel refused to help because the incident involved their staff.

But I wasn't bothered about landing anybody in trouble, I just wanted the paperwork so I could claim on my insurance. 

Even if I had claimed, my insurer would've only covered their 'current' not their 'replacement' value so I'd have still been out of pocket.

So I'm glad that more insurers now offer baggage cover as an optional extra – as next time I'd be happy to pack some cheaper sunnies and go without.