The best and worst motor insurance providers for customer service in 2011

A major change is on the cards for the motor insurance industry as, from December 2012, insurers will no longer be able to take gender into account when calculating premiums. Critics - and cynical drivers alike - have argued this change will result in ramped up premiums across the board so from an insurer's point of view, gaining customer trust will be critical. 


Its products are highly rated with features such as courtesy cars and breakdown cover included as standard, helping it to achieve a five-Star rating from data provider Defaqto. But what customers really like is the personal service they receive. One said: "It has local offices and you feel valued and helped whenever you need it." Another described NFU Mutual as "responsive, easy to deal with and very fair".  


New rules for motor insurance, (the Continuous Insurance Enforcement Law,) will make it an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle unless it has a statutory off road notification or is exempt. While most insurers are pretty hot on sending out renewals, knowing your insurer has first-class customer service will give you the confidence that you won't accidentally find yourself without cover. 

NFU Mutual's customers certainly appear to have this confidence, naming it the best motor insurance provider for service. Many love the personal service they receive in the insurer's branches and, while there were plenty of comments about competitive pricing, one customer said it was worth paying a little extra to get great service.


With so many of us dependent on our cars, knowing you're with an insurer that will go the extra mile in the event of making a claim is key. Customers of this year's winner, NFU Mutual, are certainly confident they won't be stranded if they do need to claim.

It offers its customers a courtesy car so they can still get around while the damage is repaired. It also uses a network of repairers, guaranteeing their work for three years to ensure customers are confident about the quality of any repairs.

The personal approach was also highly commended by NFU Mutual's customers, with many saying it was worth paying extra just to know they'd be looked after if they did make a claim. The standard of service was typified by one customer who said: "NFU has always been helpful, professional and swift."


Kwik-Fit Insurance found itself in last place when it comes to motor insurance, with criticism centring on the responsiveness of customer service. One customer said: "They're very quick to take your money but not to answer queries."

Commenting on this, a spokesperson for Kwik-Fit Insurance said: "We're involved in a process of continuous business improvement to make our customer experience as transparent and simple as possible. These results show there is still work to be done and we look forward to addressing these issues in the coming month."

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I used a comparison site recently. 77 y.o.a., Fiesta 1.6 automatic Climate, parked in driveway, pretty low crime area, 17 years n.c.b., < 5000 miles/year.

One quote under £300, three under £310. Highest £880. Are these people real??


yes ,its rip of brittain, and this goverment will let it happen.

I have insured with NFU for over 20 yrs both business and personal vehicles. I have used other companies at the same time for additional vehicles but always have at least one vehicle with NFU. The personal service is fantastic and they always beat other companies on 'agricultural vehicles' (land Rovers etc).
The cost of monthly instalment payments with NFU is charged at a realistic rate as opposed to the 'store card' rates that others charge.
!st Class service - Sensible premuims - Personal service - WIN WIN WIN for me

How much did you get for recommending NFU?

The worst insurance company as got to be Zurich we had an Audi A4 avant that was fully loaded with every single extra going when a driver fell asleep at the wheel on the M65 motorway and drove straight into me writing our car off which was under 2 years old Zurich offered less than what we still owed on the car and £14000.00 less than the cost of replacement. We got that down to £10000.00 less than replacement, we went to the ombudsman who agreed with Zurich ( there's a surprise ) So basically you pay insurance for nothing the premiums keep going up but they don't pay out when anything happens

Interesting situation. As a "wrinklie" I insure a Ferrari - with younger foreign partner (female!) to drive - for £190 comprehensive including vehicle recovery agreed value free scrap retention (should the unfortunate happen) which is less than she was paying for her somewhat ancient small Kia. Last time for my 1.8 9 year old road car it was about £100 more than for the Ferrari. Car insurance is No. 1 rip-off. When I earned about £750 a year and had a tuned Mini Cooper I paid £6 p.a. for insurance, and 17/6p a year - about 87p - for the trials bike which allowed it to get a road fund licence. I don't recall any silly premiums when I was 17 and, as a learner, had a 500cc Triumph Speed Twin.
Avoid "comparison sites"..........quoted between £385 and some £1200+ for the Ferrari when I just made an excursion into them after their last campaign, and their cover was minimal. Just ask yourself where their funding comes from....................

I have to agree- (NFU, pay me nothing), but their customer service is second to none. I used to insure with them, but the premiums crept up, and I am now elsewhere.
They are worth a try, no matter what you have to insure. I always get 6 quotes. I have NEVER gone with anyone who says they will price match, as I never know what they are removing to do that.
Best wishes to all.


When I insured with Kwikfit they were the only company that gave me a reasonable quote after I had been hit by a coach. The company I was insured with took 18 months to sort it out in a small claims court. The coach was to blame but meanwhile my insurance doubled. Kwikfit were good to me and even returned my no claim bonus. I would still be with them but was offered a better quote when it came to renewal. You just have to choose the one best suiting your pocket.


NFU excellent in all areas.

I have to say, even though I haven't got my insurance through NFU, they gave me a seriously good quote last year, nearly £200 less than my current insurance company (Insure), When I rang my company up, they asked who I got the quote from, rang me back within half an hour, not only they matched/lowered my insurance, they threw in courtesy car, 12mths key loss insurance AND legal cover.

So that proves insurance companies CAN lower their prices if you are willing to do a bit of homework and get more than just a couple of quotes, and haggle if you have to, just like I did... Insurance companies wants your business, so they don't want to lose their customs, and by haggling, you get what you want, they get to keep you, everybody happy. :o)

I disagree with your result of the worst insurer. personally I wouldn't touch budget with a very long barge pole. My first problem with them was to find they were debiting my bank account and i wasn't even a customer. I had to threaten legal action before they would even acknowledge me. Second, my other half had an accident which wasn't her fault. she rang them up and guess what they didn't want to know and insisted she contact the underwriters who quite rightly said yuor contract is with budget not us and they should be doing the liasing. needless to say the claim was never sorted out and she now has a claim on her policy even though no one ever did anything about it!!!!!!

I tried NFU - but they do not Insure in London Area. They said it was only for Country Areas.

What a shame

nfu don't pay out claim they put my car in garage fir 3mouth and when it came for pay for the of my car they said no

I insure my car with Direct Line who have always provided me with good service and couldn't have been more helpful when I had to make a claim. And they don't appear on comparison websites.

I dealt with NFU for fourteen years, they were very good but the premiums just went up and up.

Finally I moved to LV who charged less than half NFU.

I am with churchill ,last time I made a claim , 4years ago , someone went into the back of my car , They could not have been more helpful . they are not the cheapest , but the only way to find out how good they are
is to make claim . V.V.

After all the good comments I heard about NFU I phoned them only to be told that I lived too near a town and was not rural enough therefor they could not insure me, this was the only reason as I have a excellent driving record and max no-claims. Perhaps this should be mentioned in there advertising so they do not waste peoples time.

That's just the reason State Farm gave you. They don't like to insure drivers under 24, period.

They won't tell you this, but that's just the way it is.

You're only going to get it insured for blue book value which means the show quality paint means nothing.

Some have replacement value but not sure if they'd count the extra quality paint job.

If it's paid for and it's worth less than 1.5k U.S., I'd say go with whatever's cheaper with a 500 deductible or go with just liability. Get a notebook, telephone book and a pen. Start at the beginning and call each company on the list. it's going to be a long afternoon for you.

Stay away from Progressive. Hate them, hate them, hate them.

At your age, you're going to have trouble getting a decent rate to start with, with you stating that you're going to race it, you're limiting your options.
Jerry M. Reed
DUI attorney Miami