Car insurance tricks to reduce your premiums

We all know there are certain things we can do to reduce our car insurance premiums - like keeping your car in good condition and paying in a lump sum but there are some more unusual ways to keep costs down. Nick Gibbs from Auto Express explains.

Driving is expensive – and getting dearer. As well as rising petrol prices motorists are also being hit by increasing insurance costs. Last year saw the biggest jump in average insurance prices ever…

But we're catching on to ways to reduce our premiums and shopping around to find the best deals. But there are some less obvious – sometimes surprising - ways to get cheaper car insurance.

Take classic cars. Insuring vintage vehicles is often cheaper because owners are likely to take better care and not drive them as much. But, as Nick Gibbs – features editor of Auto Express explains – what is deemed "classic" can be surprising. 

Adding another driver onto your policy is one way to reduce your premiums but don't assume they have to be older.

Another odd insurance rule is that parking on the street can sometimes make your insurance cheaper if you neighbourhood has more claims from people parking in their garages than from those choosing on-street parking.

These tricks won't always apply as they do depend on circumstance but remember insurers rely on laziness to keep themselves in pocket.

Set a reminder a month before your policy is due for renewal and ensure you get the best policy for your needs. For more go to the motor insurance section of the website.