Top saving tips when buying school uniform

Supermarket deals

The supermarkets have entered a school uniform price war, giving you the chance to save money when kitting out your child.

Tesco offers a coat, three shirts and a pair of trousers or skirt for children aged three to 16 for £15. If you buy online, you can also get free delivery and £10 off when you spend £40 or more.

At Asda you can get two shirts, a pair of trousers or skirt and a jumper for £7 (age three to 10), while Sainsbury's is offering a jumper, two polo shirts and a pair of trousers or skirt for £6 – but this only applies to children aged up to five and the prices begin to rise for older children.

Buy direct

At you can buy any school uniform with a logo direct from the manufacturer. You need to order at least six items each time you make a purchase. is a similar site, but has no minimum order. Prices at both websites are more expensive than you will find at the supermarket but cheaper than retailers that sell uniforms branded with 
a specific school logo.

At prices start at £6.50 for a polo shirt and £6.95 for a jumper. At polo shirt prices start at £5.30.

Buy second hand

Children grow quickly and after a year, or even just a few months, they may be too big for their uniform. Instead of forking out for new clothes, check out your local charity shop as most have dedicated school uniform sections for local schools. Your child's school may also offer discounted second-hand items.

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Our school has recently introduced iron-on embroidered emblems that you attach to jumpers and shirts bought at the supermarket. Works out much cheaper and more convenient than going to a uniform retailer or shopping online. Your school has been plagued by long delays over the past few months. is trying to encourage parents to form trading communities for their schools, this enables them to buy, sell, swap or give unwanted uniform away to other parents.  Also they can trade other items not just uniform and the services is 100% free of charge!