Top 20 money-saving websites


This website lists alternative geographic numbers instead of expensive 0870 numbers for well-known companies.


Many people miss out on financial help available, from state benefits to tax credits. This website, powered by, provides a free benefits checker to help you work out what you could claim.


If you’re something of a book worm, then this website is for you. Acting as a free second-hand book exchange, it enables you to swap books you've read for new books, recycle books and get rid of used ones.

Alternatively, allows you to search to find the cheapest bookshop for your chosen read.    


The TV advert for this site is pretty irritating, but you can’t argue with the concept. Rather than bin your old phone, see how much money you could get for it. Alternatively, websites such as, and have links to the main recyclers.

Remember, selling your old handset won’t just give you some extra money in your pocket – you will also be playing your part in helping the environment.


Voip (voice over internet protocol) allows you to make free phone calls via your computer all over the world. Several companies offer Voip services, but the best known is Skype - it has over 100 million accounts worldwide.

All you need to use Skype is an internet connection and access to a microphone and headphones – then, simply download free Skype software and you’re ready to go.

If the person you are calling also has Skype, then your call won’t cost either of you a penny. You can speak as long as you like, whenever you like, wherever you like.


This website sells lost property that's handed in to the police and not claimed after a month, as well as seized and shop-lifted goods.


From the X Factor auditions to comedy tours, this website offers thousands of free televison and radio audience tickets.


Most of us have used eBay at one point or another to see if we can bag a bargain, but it’s not the only auction website out there. allows you to search for items across different auction and classified website, enabling you to find the best deals the web has to offer.


Fans of say it’s changed their lives – or, at least, changed their daily schedules.

Each night at 11:59pm, one deal will be put online with an attention-grabbing price tag. This offer will either last until 11:59 the next night, or until it has sold out.

The site buys up bankrupt, overstock, clearance and closeout consumer electronics products, and then sells it to you.

The real draw is when the site holds a ‘Boffer Off’ – this means that as soon as an item sells out, it will be replaced instantly for up to 72 hours or until the stock runs out.


This website promises to save you £120 or more on your grocery bill by ‘ferreting’ out the best supermarket offers and discounts. You do have to pay to benefit – but it's not overly expensive., meanwhile, searches current supermarket and off-licence wine offers before they happen.

Alternatively, compare prices and shop at Tesco, Asda, Sainbury’s and Ocado through


This website will find the lowest petrol price in your area – all you need to do is enter your postcode, and it will reveal the cheapest forecourts to fill up your vehicle. There’s also a lively discussion board and lots of information about how to cut your motoring costs.


The Freecycle Network is made up of many individual groups of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own area. Sign up to your local newsletter and you can not only give away unwanted item to a good home but also pick up stuff you need yourself.


There seems to be an endless number of websites offering you free samples. enables you to search by item or to simply browse the different freebie websites. is also a good freebie and discount code website.


There is an estimated £300 to £400 million in forgotten bank and savings accounts. is a free service powered by the British Bankers’ Association, the Building Societies Association and National Savings & Investments.

Enter your information and it will see if you’ve got money in a forgotten account.


This leading online travel and leisure retailer boosts 1.65 million visitors per week. And with fantastic deals on theatre tickets, meals out and flights (to name but a few), it’s little wonder.


If you’re frustrated by the cost of downloading music online then this is the site for you. You can compare the cost of millions of music tracks from the best download websites.


There are no end of voucher websites online where you can download vouchers or find online codes to receive discounts. is one of Moneywise’s favourite sites, as it is really easy to use and allows you the search by date, popularity or store.

However, in order to find the best discounts, you should always look around. and are also worth checking out.

18. describes itself as a “one-stop shopping service” – basically, it’s a retail price comparison website and can help find you the cheapest products. You can search by brand, retailer or category.


If you want to sell your house, but don’t want to pay for an estate agent, then the good news is the internet is home to dozens of websites that facilitate private sales. You can find independent reviews and summaries of around 40 private sale websites at

This free search engine allows you to find sites based on star rating or the cost. Many websites will advertise your property on other websites, in order to gain more exposure, although you will usually have to pay a premium for this.


Last but not least, exists to help you save and grow your money. As well as features and guides on financial products, we offer you tips and advice on staying safe online, beating rip-offs and making the most of your cash.

Also on our site you can download discount vouchers in your local area, compare interest rates on savings accounts, cash ISAs, credit cards and mortgages and get free quotes for a range of insurance products.

Most recently, we’ve introduced an energy switching service - it’s free to use so why not see if you could save money off your household bills?

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Freecycle is the USA website - the UK arm has predominently broken away to form

An aspect of Skype that maybe overlooked by some is the sheer brilliance of Skype's free video calls. We have family and friends in every corner of the world and find it magic for staying in contact. In particular it's something that the very young and older members of our family love.

I'm amazed you haven't listed

This is a really good post. Maybe you should do a 'website of the month' to let people know about new websites and developments on established websites?

I am surprised you have not listed as it is great for for finding the cheapest supermarket goods.

The list just keeps growing. Are there any businesses not online any more. I actually feel for the elderly who have not kept up with technology, like my parents. They are in the never never land and just cannot get their heads around internet technology, let alone sharing the credit details to a machine.

I would suggest: (already mentioned in comments) and (get additional cash back on existing investments)

A lot of companies have switched to 0871 numbers & these are not included in most "bundled" phone tariffs. It can prove quite expensive.

We have a BT hub for our internet which does NOT support SKYPE but no-one seems to know about this. There must be lots of fed-up people out there. Why are BT so mean?

A great website to get free art, antique and collectable valuations from - - can help you realise what items you have lying around the house that are worth a bob or two!

Freegle may be the Uk alternative butits poorly run in most places and I have attempted to register about 6 or 7 times on Freegle to no avail with no contact.

I will stick with my local freecycle as it least I can post and find things there.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to the peope who put all this information together for us. Well done. Your hard work is appreciated.

I'd ask me to show you how to save money. I've been doing it for years and have won back £9 million pounds for the British public!

Just wasted half an hour or more checking out the 'Boffer' site. If you read their own 'forum pages' you come across a lot of dissatisfied customers, claiming that Boffer sell overpriced rubbish !

Hot UK Deals - saved me a fortune

I have had a BT hub for about 3 years now and it DOES support Skype. I use Skype every day to stay in touch with relatives all over the world.
Quidco is a fantastic website for discounts!

How can you advertise a company like they are complete scum bags they get so many complaints its unreal, type in lastminute.comcomplaints in your search engine and you'l see how they rip people off and mess up peoples holidays and travel plans are can't believe so many sites keep recommending them they must be getting paid for it or they have never booked with them.

LOL @ all the people banging on about

are you really suprised they don't list there competitor on their website?

I got the link to this website from!?!
Also if you search for any travel company you will find loads of complaints for them too is an excellent company and you can get great deals with them.
We all like nothing more than to complain! The people who have put this page together are trying to help, so only put genuine complaints if you have had a serious problem with any of the sites otherwise you will put people off using the sites that could save us money. is a brilliant site that covers the whole gambit - I thoroughly recommend it!

I use - lots of great offers added daily, freebies etc and they pay for great posts made

I couldn't agree more.

They cover savings on virtually everything you can think of!

We have a BT hub for our internet too, but use Skype all the time to contact family and friends in far-off places such as South Africa and New Zealand! And we use the video function so we can see those who we are chatting too. I would imagine it is your set up rather than the BT hub.

Just a quick note to recommend
for genuine, real cashback deals on everyday purchases from the likes of Marks & Spencer, Comet, Debenhams, Argos and eBay.

I'd also like to recommend for great cashback deals too but you need to bear in mind the £5 annual fee which is deducted from earnings around the date of each anniversary of when you joined.

I always compare the deals on offer from each of these sites when I am looking to make a major 'considered' purchase such as house / car insurance.
£100 cashback for buying XXX's insurance (which I would have gone for anyway after comparing prices and policies) was very nice.

And I always click through when buying small bits and pieces from eBay - it's all easy money.

Just remember to do your research first, decide what you want, clear out all history and all cookies and then click through the cashback site and buy - never failed yet!

very helpfull links in this newsletter, thanks to the MoneyWise!

Great article,  I already use and love, for hotels and

When it comes to online shopping I love Quidco for cash back, but it is not always the cheapest prices.  I usually compare the benefits of cash back with the very best price with one of the inde[endent shopping cmparisson apps like Shopping Genie

Quidco is great - whatever you want to buy online - make the purchase via Quidco and you get paid cash back for example. Its great for insurance, phone contracts etc where you get approx £100 back- I have had cold hard cash of £600 plus over 2 years just by buying what I needed anyway!

I'm not sure what you mean about BT not supporting Skype. We have a BT hub and have been using them for years alongside Skype. We have friends and relatives across the globe and have never had a problem.
However, if you mean that if there is a problem with Skype and BT won't help to fix it you can't be surprised as they are a competitor!
I'd check your system as this is not something BT do.

A great list on how to save money - especially - I love it and now use it all the time :-) To be honest I use to always think about ways to save money - but then I simply thought - why not try to make lots more money which means now a days I don't have too worry as much about saving those pennies!
A really informative site which helped me was

As a result I now just make more money rather than worrying about saving it :-)

Not true at all, I'm a member of my local community in South London, and whilst I tend to only use it when I require something specific, I recently got a huge pile of quality, strong moving boxes which saved me a lot of money and ensured that the boxes were reused.

The problem with the BT hub may be it is a low user tariff, they are restricted from making certain calls. My neighbour can't use 1899 because of it.

I have a BT Hub and wireless connection and have no problem with Skype

I also have been on Skype for 8 Years and have a BT Hub and have never had a problem with it ,kept in touch with relatives & friends in Quatar Dubai & Spain no problem

You must look at Quidco!!!

Hi guys
I have been complaining about my account not working for weeks and even after several emails, I am not given any satisfactory reply. Now I have been told that my account is terminated and will not be re-enabled. I have been accused of being linked to other accounts and for fraudulent activity. I have only one account and my understanding is topcashback is just trying to keep my money by accusing for something which I have not done. And it does appear from the email that I am not their only victim.
I warn everyone to be careful before doing any purchase through topcashbak. They can accuse anyone of being linked to other accounts, terminate your account and keep your money.
Below is the response I received from topcashback.

Hi there,
It has been spotted that your account has been identified to be associated/linked with a other recently terminated accounts that have also contacted us and they will not be re-enabled. This is due to the abuse of certain merchants across these linked accounts.

We have a duty to protect our merchants, so they do not withdraw their cashback offers to the thousands of genuine members that we have.

Top CashBack Support

It 'was a great post ! I just want to say thanks for the information you shared. Continue to write this.

Great article! Lots of good sites here. I'd recommend adding

Well, my advise for everyone seeking up to date freebies is to go on because this website is con-free, scam-free, I have tried the rest of the UK freebies websites and they have always old offers and deals, which sucks :( is their facebook link which you can like so they keep you updated on any relevant free samples or competitions over the UK

All the online discounts, savings websites etc are only as good as the content provided. So many times I find codes etc expired. has up to date offers and codes. It only shows expired offers/codes for 6 days. They are then deleted.
btw rocks.

Another really good money-saving website is! It allows users to compare car body repair estimates from multiple Bodyshop's in their area. Hope it helps!

I love these voucher/cash back sites, they have saved me loads of money in 2012. However they are only usefull if the codes work, which sometimes they dont. I have recently found an ethical voucher code website ( that gives 20% of its profits to charity each month. This means I save money and help give to good causes at the same time which is a bonus in my book.

I hope moneywise don't mind but I thought I'd suggest the website I've recently setup -
It is an alternative to HotUKDeals that passes on any commission earned from sales to the user who found and shared the deal.
The users do all the hard work bargain hunting so it seemed fair that it is the users who are rewarded!
If you're interested in the idea feel free to check it out. Or if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them :)
Many thanks,