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Two men log on to and both buy the same LG smart HD TV. But while one pays £1,099, the other pays £879.20. So how did the second man pay £219.80 less? Because he bought his TV from Currys - but through a cashback website.

Cashback sites make money by striking deals with their partner retailers to bring them more online customers, thereby keeping everyone happy. However, not everyone is convinced of the virtues of cashback websites: "hassle", "complicated" and "fiddly" are common complaints.

But if we stopped and thought about the savings, maybe we would reconsider using them.

The process is simple: instead of going direct to your chosen website, first register with a cashback website. Search by category or retailer for what you want to buy and you will be redirected to the retailer's site.

You can then buy the product or service to earn cashback. This is paid direct into your cashback account, which you can then transfer into your bank account. Sign in to your cashback account to check your balance whenever you like.

Here are details on the top five cashback websites in the UK.


Retail partners: 3,000
Joining fee: Free but keeps first £5 cashback you earn each year
Top deals: National Trust annual membership 30%, More Th>n buildings insurance £60 cashback, easyJet £15 cashback, 6%

Lowdown: You can also get cashback in-store by registering your credit and debit cards with participating retailers. The Quidco mobile app offers cashback just for entering a store - you don't even have to buy anything - although you have to be comfortable with the big brother-style technology. Shopping vouchers are also available to download or print.


Retail partners: 3,000
Joining fee: Free
Top deals: Sky bundle £146.45 cashback, Tesco 10.1% (up to £30.30 spend), Dell 10.1%, Ticketmaster 5.05%

Lowdown: Customers get 101% cashback as TopCashback adds an extra 1% to all cashback deals (this is already added to displayed cashback offers). It also promises to match cashback offers from other websites. Shopping vouchers are available to download or print.


Retail partners: 2,500
Joining fee: Free
Top deals: AA travel insurance 9%, Coast 4%, Expedia travel 6%, T-mobile up to £50 cashback

Lowdown: In-store cashback is available with participating retailers if you register your credit and debit cards. Extra points will be added when members enter competitions, fill in surveys or take out trial offers - for example, Blockbuster DVD rental for a month.


Retailers: 2,000
Joining fee: Free
Top deals: KGB 10%, Groupon 8%, Expedia 6%, The Book Depository 5%

Lowdown: For every friend who signs up, you can receive £5. Vouchers are available to print or download.


Retail partners: 1,200
Joining fee: £5
Top deals: 5%, BT Total Broadband up to £17.50, Free £75 Argos giftcard with any purchase of Dyson DC24 or DC25, 4%

Lowdown: Participating customers are able to earn cashback without spending anything, enter competitions, take part in surveys or get a credit report to boost their cashback total.

Your Comments

What about Boots TreatStreet?

Top Cashback for me, I also use quidco but TC gives better rates , thus I only use Quidco on the rare occasion TC does not.Both have the same number of retailers and occasionally you will find one does and the other does not hence having two accounts:)

I also came across recently. They offer good cashback levels, but have a really compelling referral program. For every referral you get 10% of your referral's earning's for life. Refer 10 friends and you pretty much double your cashback earnings!!

I used wepromiseto and I asked to receive Amazon vouchers. My first voucher went through OK and then when I went to cash in the next one, I was advised that it had expired and that I had lost the chance of getting the money owed. I then changed to having money paid into my bank, but never received anything. All sorts of problems were thrown up - ie an amount had been reversed, there were lots of transactions which said "Validated" but nothing was ever paid into my bank account and then the site disappeared last year. I see that it has now re-appeared and when I went into my account, all transactions had been taken off! Dont' know whether anyone else has had these problems.

Topcashback enticed me into joining with their offer that signing up for a current account with Halifax would win me £50 from Topcashback. That was September 2010. Despite numerous enquiries I have just been told that the claim is rejected. No explanation. The original offer was clear, lots of other signed up, but I have not found anyone who has been paid. There must have been a written agreement between Topcashback and Halifax so I feel very much let down, especially as they seem un willing to fight for the reward which they promised. If Halifax are to blame they should be exposed. What a waste of time it has all been. Too good to be true, the offer? In this case it obviously was.

I've used cashback sites for a few years now. You get the odd problem but I've saved loads :)

Started with quidco then moved to tcb. Have also recently started using which gives 100% cashback like tcb but also shares in the company! So if the company gets sold, I get a further payout. Happy days :)

quidco is an excellent site.

I have used quidco in the past. recently switched to pouringpounds. i like that their support team is quite responsive. as jemma said, things with cashback do go wrong so its really how the support team manages things.

Use Topcashback a lot & they seem to be very efficient, cashback usually appears within 24 hrs, although it can take months for it to be released. Except for Green Flag -waited for many months for my cashback, then told - ' No chance of getting any payment' . No explanation offered !

I joined Quidco in April but after only 3 shops I found cashback from my next last two purchases at B&Q (totalling £260) were not added to my account. I no longer have confidence in Quidco.

Another good one is, it is easy to build up your cashback and get your money.

The other one I use is

However my top cashback site is definetly topcashback.

I've used captain cash for about two years now no problems at all

Topcashback o.k for me but also check with GreasyPalm

I like TCB, but not really impressed by their referral. I just check and 10% lifetime referral is really compelling. I have earned around £250 using TCB. Now if I tell a friend about TCB I get £2.5 and if I tell a friend about pouringpounds I can get £25 ..

TCB better step-up else I can see lots of people moving...

I've always, yes always found Topcashback to be extremely helpful. They often quote their policy of fairness and you must be the only person I've heard of in this position (presuming of course you have any evidence of tracking). Bad luck - you're 1 in a million!

Quidco has a nice website, and process, but if transactions do not naturally track and you have to maually claim they seem slower than topcashback. Have got virtually all the money due from both sites over past five years although there is one still unresolved debt issue with Quidco that Topcashback handled a lot better.

I agree with the comments on Topcashback and the Halifax problem of them not paying the offered cashback. Both my husband and I opened accounts with them and diligently ensured we noted the times and dates we applied and all information necessary to pursue a claim if they didn't pay, but both of us were denied cashback. I wrote to Topcashback and asked if ANYONE had been paid, if not they ought to expose Halifax for their behaviour, but they just gave the standard response that Topcashback cannot pursue the cashback if it is rejected.

Hi topcashback
I have been complaining about my account not working for weeks and even after several emails, I am not given any satisfactory reply. Now I have been told that my account is terminated and will not be re-enabled. I have been accused of being linked to other accounts and for fraudulent activity. I have only one account and my understanding is topcashback is just trying to keep my money by accusing for something which I have not done. And it does appear from the email that I am not their only victim.
I warn everyone to be careful before doing any purchase through topcashbak. They can accuse anyone of being linked to other accounts, terminate your account and keep your money.
Below is the response I received from topcashback.

Hi there,
It has been spotted that your account has been identified to be associated/linked with a other recently terminated accounts that have also contacted us and they will not be re-enabled. This is due to the abuse of certain merchants across these linked accounts.

We have a duty to protect our merchants, so they do not withdraw their cashback offers to the thousands of genuine members that we have.

Top CashBack Support

I've now given up on cashback sites (TCB in particular). I'm owed a £50.50 Sky cashback that was due over 10 weeks ago. Payment statistics show they've received two payments since the date of my transaction. I'm constantly fobbed of whenever I ask TCB a question regarding this issue.

I've now vented my spleen direct to Sky. Regardless of how they want to wrap up the ownership of the deal ( affiliate, etc) . The customer (in this case myself) signed up to a Sky service on the promise of a cashback amount. So it only reflects back on Sky for welching out of a deal. When my year with Sky is up, I'll be dropping Sky like a hot brick. As a consumer, it reflects on Sky ( not the cashback site or the affiliates behind it).

It's quite empowering to buy direct from a company without constantly wasting time checking if cashback is pending, payable, changed its direction and become a monk or decided to go from £n to zero pounds. If I was dealing with a micky mouse fly-by night company, I would A: Put it down to experience or B: Not rely on the cashback spewing forth. But I thought (wrongly) that Sky was a major brand and would be interested that existing long term customers were unable to get the cashback promised.


Save bandwidth with your net provider and do something more constructive with your time then checking cashback status every week.

Try - they are owned by their members and put a lot of emphasis on the reliability of their tracking and how well they deal with problem transactions. They even publish stats on their site each month and their latest report shows no missing transaction queries older than 8 weeks

 I've always been a Quidco user but liking the fee free topcashback. Just trying who seem like a new site and love the monster.

 This is a great list of cashback sites. Thought I'd add another cashback site I have been using called Metro Moneyback. It seems to be run by the Metro newspaper. What is unqiue about them is that when you refer a friend you get 10% of their cashback for life, which is the best across all cashback websites. Just got a £10 cashback on a free Lovefilm trial.

Have been using Quidco for some time but last use resulted in an attempt to insert a Trojan in my computer. This happened when I clicked on the link-through to the retailer. Tried twice with the same result (my anti-virus blocked the Trojan each time). Told Quidco who said it was my fault! Said my anti-virus was too sensistive. Funny, I've been using the same anti-virus for years and never had any problem with Quidco before. Asked Quidco what legitimate reason they would have to try to insert something into my computer at the moment of click-through to retailer - no response. No longer using Quidco. 

The best German top cashback site on the Internet. Now, thanks to cheaper shopping cashback promotions and cashback credit.
Top Cashback

The best cashback site I have found is Imutual - not only great cashback rates but also great forums. Their tracking rate is fantastic and they even have an appeals process where members can vote on appeals

The best cashback site I have found is They have thousands of top stores offering great cashback rates as well as thousands of discount vouchers. 
Their referral commisson is also one of the best I have seen at 25% for life on everything your friends earn.
Sam pays out faster than all of them