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Kayak compares the cost of hotels, flights, car hire and package holidays in a way that’s very simple to navigate. It shows prices for both big airlines and low-cost carriers and allows travellers to be flexible on dates. If you’re already on the move you can also download a Kayak app to your iPhone.

Rather than shelling out on a hotel or self-catering cottage for your holiday why not do a home swap with another family? Uhholidayswapshop is a UK-based home swapping forum that allows likeminded people to swap homes for a cheap getaway. All you have to pay is a £14.95 annual membership fee.

How many times have you turned up at a hotel only to discover the room isn’t quite as it appeared in the brochure? Tripadvisor features thousands of independent reviews for hotels all over the world, just type in the name of the hotel you’re considering and the site will come back with feedback and, in some cases, photos, from previous guests.

Hiring a car abroad can be confusing and if you wait until you land in a foreign airport to arrange car hire then you probably won’t get the best deal possible. allows you to compare hire car charges and book a car before you leave the UK.

If you’re planning a trip to the capital this summer, the LondonPass offers entry to more than 55 of the top attractions for one price. Attractions include the Tower of London, London River Cruise and the National Gallery. You can buy a pass for one, two, three or six days. An adult one day pass costs £39 and a child pass £27.

Whether you’re heading overseas or staying at home this summer, has special offers on everything from dinner at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant or West End shows to city mini-breaks or package holidays. If you want to chill out it also does regular spa offers and for thrill-seekers there are plenty of theme park deals.

If you’re staying in the UK this website offers 2for1 vouchers for London attractions such as Madam Tussauds, London Zoo and the London Eye as well as theatre and concert ticket offers. There are also deals on train travel including GroupSave where three or four people can travel together off-peak for the price of two adults, to destinations around the UK.

Holidayextras compares the cost of airport parking at on and off-site car parks at all the 26 major UK airports. You can book online which will save you money compared to just turning up on the day.

If you hire a car abroad, your car rental agreement normally includes cover for collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft. However you are still liable for the excess in the event of making a claim and this can be several hundred pounds. Insurance4carhire covers you for the excess payment and also damage to car windows and tyres which are normally excluded from car hire insurance. You can buy annual cover from £49 or cheaper policies for shorter trips.

If you’re travelling anywhere within the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein a European Health Insurance Card  will save you money in the event that you need medical treatment. The card entitles holders to state medical treatment, equivalent to the country’s NHS. Some travel insurers will waive the excess on any medical claim if you have an EHIC.

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It would be good if Londonpass did a cheap yearly membership (i.e. a touch more than the 6 day pass) so that all of us in the capital could visit these attractions throughout the year at our leisure.


This is one company I avoid like the plague. They are simply a UK booking agency for overseas car hire companies. Whenever I have used them I have always found that the local company does not meet the terms & conditions outlined on the holiday autos website and you are faced with the choice of accepting an inferior product or trying to hire locally upon arrival at the destination airport - usually a no-brainer during the holiday period.

Absolutely correct. I stopped using them after 2 serious problems.They were absolutely no help whatsoever in dealing with issues overseas.In recent years I have always gone to other companies and guess what - no problems.

 I will certainly be avoiding, thanks for the tip.

Totally agree with pieman used once years ago never again!!

Re Holliday Autos. Could'nt agree more, Holiday Autos were appalingly bad, they don't care for their custumers one jot. They will take your money and leave you to deal with dodgy local car hire firms. If you complain when you return to Uk it is unlikely you will receive a reply. I now stick with the big name companies who at least acknowlede that you are their customer.

Yup - I agree - holiday autos are a big no no for me - I would recommend Priceline - but as usual do your homework

I think comparing prices before booking is a must nowadays and you should always be comparing prices from every travel agent before bookign to save money.

Look out for voucher codes to get extra discount and once you have found your deal make sure you buy it on your credit card and pay it straight off if you can to make sure your covered in the event of supplier failure. - the company with the ethics that mean that they contract work out to small contractors and then don't pay them thinking that they will not have the money to take them to court. The contractors go bust.

Brilliant business plan...Well Martha and Brett.

A useful site for planning days out in the UK is You can select by type of event, date or area of the country.

A useful site for UK residents looking to holiday at home is - it provides a price comparison service for hotels in the UK.

A useful site for people looking to travel abroad to Greece is - you will find a decent comparison service for holidays and hotels. provides 20 best deals each week on holidays offers in the UK and abroad. You can sign up to receive the latest updates each week. We've booked a holiday in Cyprus through them for the 2nd year running at half the usual cost. Hotel short breaks are also a good deal but we check them out on trip advisor first.

Avoid holidayautos. Best site for car hire is auto Europe. Have used them for years with no problems.

I used Beat the brochure recently for a holiday to Turkey and it worked out to be really good value and as described.

A few years ago I rented a care through Holiday Autos and discovered when I arrived in Boston that I'd left my driving licence at home. Stupid, I know. We had Holiday Autos additional insurance and the US hire company said that they would not charge if we didn't collect the car. Holiday Autos still kept the full hire charge on the grounds that out cancellation insurance ran out on the first day of the hire. I would never use them again.

I agree, bad experience recently in Madeira!

Surprised you don't mention web sites like Quidco which give you large additional cash backs on a number of the other sites you have mentioned above. I got 6% cashback on Autos Europe recently and they were already the best price I could find. Just copy and paste look through the categories such as car hire and click through to the companies web site. I had £38 paid into my bank from Quidco last month from Train fares, hotels, halfords and Autos Europe. Brilliant!

I spend 6 months in my apartment in Florida the remainder of the year is spent in South East Asia. We use Hotels in Thailand & Malaysia Mostly, You might find it interesting to check out hotel websites through "Yahoo USA" & not only through UK. Quite often I see a Hotel room lets say for $99 dollars US but through UK websites it could be GBP99 also many UK sites price per person as opposed to per room. UK websites are by far the most expensive generally. Hope this helps.I personally have never found Kayak a cheap source of Hotel rooms.

Sometimes even these comparison sites aren't as good as they make out, I normally type in google, then it will bring up different sites for me to check out, as I have noticed maybe last year's deal was fantastic, but this year, same deal has another £100 on top, but that's just me...

For a few years now I have used a company called Carjet and so far I have had no problem their prices are competitive. I have also used Car 3000

I have used Expedia in the past - and have found them very helpful. even getting an instant refund when the rooms we stayed in weren't up to there discription

I like - it's a new site with lots of ideas for holidays and days out in the UK. It's got videos of most areas, lots of links to accommodation providers, and things to do. You can even get local maps and guides at less than the retail price through it.

I would also use a site like , some great bargins. For flights skyscanner I find the best.We travel several times to the USA to spend time in our villa in florida( so know where to look for the best flight deals.

We have used economy car hire on a number of occasions in various locations and have not had a problem. They are brokers, but you get to choose which hire company you want to go with you also have the option of top up insurance which covers tyre damage etc and is comparable to stand alone policies you can take out before you go. I have also, on occasion, used Car 3000 and they are OK as well.

I also have had terrible experiences with I don't know how you could possibly recommend them given the consensus here. They went for weeks without confirming my booking and eventually left me with no car close to the pick up date when they decided it wasn't available. Terrible customer service.

Holidayauots are the worst company i have evr used. An absolute rip off.

If you are looking for a travel review website, then check out TripAdvisor. This site won't disappoint you since the reviews found here are of the highest quality and offers insights you won't find anywhere else.

Try to to avoid online travel agents like expedia etc. Do a google search and try to find local suppliers . Far more the best . I would suggest ihis one if you are interested for Crete holidays

<p>There are also deal on train travel including GroupSave where three or four people can travel together off-peak for the price of two adults, to destination about the UK.<a href="">onthebroadway</a></p>