5 ways to cut the cost of watching sport

Watch from home

If you prefer to watch sport from the comfort of your sofa, compare TV packages on sites such as uSwitch.com and consumerchoices.co.uk.

If you already have a digital TV package, try haggling with your existing provider – it may give you better rates to keep your custom.

Make an event of it

If you're into boxing, then on certain fight nights you could end up paying a one-off pay-per-view fee of up to £14.95, so why not invite a few friends over to share the cost? If everyone chips in for drinks and snacks you can keep the cost of entertaining down.

One way of avoiding TV fees altogether is to head down to the pub, but make sure you don't pay through the nose for pints and peanuts instead.

Split season tickets

It might be an essential for any die-hard fan, but a season ticket can set you back a fair whack. For Premier League football clubs, a ticket can cost from around £200 to as much as £1,825.

Club together with friends to buy a few season tickets, then you can take it in turns to go to matches and you won't feel obliged to go every weekend to justify the cost.

Sell tickets on

Sites like viagogo.co.uk provide a safe online environment for selling on any tickets you're not going to use (and listing is free).

You are guaranteed payment within seven days of delivering the tickets and all correspondence with the buyer is handled by the site, so you don't have to deal with phone calls or emails.

Swapmyticket.co.uk is an alternative option, but it requires face-to-face exchange.

Try your luck

For major tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, fans can go to the ground with the aim of snapping up tickets from the resale system, which sells on tickets from spectators who leave early.

These can be had for a nominal charge and the proceeds go to charity. For more details, visit the Wimbledon website.

Your Comments

Viagogo bill themselves as fan-to-fan ticket reselling. NOT TRUE!

I have some extra tickets for an upcoming event that I have currently listed on their website. Mine are priced MUCH cheaper than most of the offerings for the same event. I am not trying to extort anyone, just recover my cost. You can search for the event on the Viagogo website, and up pop my tickets. Great price, great seats, why wouldn't someone buy them? Might have something to do with that fact that when you click the "Buy" button, you are taken to a second screen, where normally you would be able to continue with your purchase. Instead you are greeted with a message in red that informs you that "We cannot get the tickets to you in time for the event..." It then goes on to urge you to select different tickets for the event, from, no doubt, a higher priced reseller. Even if you know that this statement is a load of rubbish, and still want to purchase the tickets, you simply do not have that option.

The event is literally months away! Cannot get the tickets to the buyer in the time left??? I could strap the tickets to a gimpy pigeon and have them flown anywhere on the planet in the amount of time left! The real story is that most of the tickets listed on the site belong to Vianogo or one of their “preferred” scalpers, er, suppliers. How dare one try and offer tickets that compete with their exorbitant asking prices!

Vianogo makes the case for tickets being resold for higher prices by claiming that it is the supply and demand market forces that set the price. Fair enough. I’ve used online resellers to buy tickets for events that I wanted to see. Nobody held a gun to my head and forced me to buy them at a premium. That was my choice. The reality is, it is not market forces when you artificially restrict the supply.

Vianogo is nothing but a large online scalper. The only reason they allow fans to list on their site is to maintain a veneer of credibility. I would suspect that the vast majority of tickets sold on their website are tickets bought by Vianogo themselves. It is really just a website to promote their own inventory. I would rather support the shady bloke outside the venue than these clowns.