Three ways to save £300 in three minutes

Having enough money to pay the bills is the number one concern for hard-pressed Brits, according to research by Bacs, the direct debit operator.

If you're filled with dread when your bills hit the doormat, here are three simple ways you can cut the bills and save up to £900 in the process.


By switching to direct debits for payments for everything from gas bills to magazine subscriptions you could save £226 a year, says Bacs, as companies offer discounts to direct debit customers.

You'll also avoid the risk of late penalties if you forget to pay.


By shopping around and moving to the best energy deal you could save £282 a year, according to

Compare energy prices and switch provider


Take a few moments to check out the best broadband offers in your area. By changing providers you could save £350 a year, according to figures from

Find the best broadband bundle in your area


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I downgraded my tv, phone and broadband package from approximately £35 a month to just the broadband service, to which I have supposedly, verbally agreed to another 12 months contract.                                                                                 
I can remember it being said to me that the new amount I would have to pay was £17 a month and that this would never change!! I am aware that this was, by no means a good offer  to me and that it only benefited the company. 
A couple of months after this conversation, I began  to experience slow broadband service and then about four or five days of no service, when I spoke with a customer service advisor they arranged an appointment for an engineer to come out and assured me that my bill would reflect the loss of service.  
I had been checking my statements and did see not one direct debit at a reduced rate, but two, £15.60 and £11.10.                  
Actually, I was quite happy with that even though I had intentions of seeking a more cost effective broadband provider in the future.                        
Then the next direct debit then jumped to £21.50 and has again been deducted at that rate to date!!
I called them up and explained all the above and was told that I was getting some discount for being a customer of ten years and that they have no note on my account of the £17 a month but do have my verbal agreement of a twelve month contract that I will now have to buy my way out of if I wish to leave!!
Yet again we get down to the nitty gritty and low down dirt business of money!!
I am horrified that in these times that businesses are still seeking to drain society of earnings and savings and near all sanity and Offwhatever stands in the wings instead of enforcing clear and fair guidlines that make these fat companies have to stand with their backs against the wall for change.