First-time buyers need more help

With first-time buyers having to save for a deposit for eight years, it's clear we're not getting enough help.


Many first-time buyers have to scrimp and save for eight years before they have enough for a deposit. As a first timer myself, that doesn't surprise me at all. But I am shocked by all the other costs involved. 
I've only just had my offer accepted but I'm already facing a mountain of fees.
The first is the legal bill. I've got some quotes from solicitors. One wants £800 plus VAT just for the bare bones of the legal process. Then they want £270 for the Land Registry fee and another £230 for the surveys. 
And if all this isn't expensive enough, then there are the mortgage fees – these will easily set me back another few hundred pounds. 
But all that's nothing compared to stamp duty, which is going to cost me thousands.
So before I've even thought about hiring a removal van, the cost of moving is going to set me back more than ten grand.
I thought the government wanted to help first-time buyers, but scrapping the stamp duty holiday means a lot of us have to wait even longer to get onto the ladder. Luckily for me I have enough savings, but sadly not all of us do.