Hanley Economic Building Society: Cash ISA Regular Saver

Hanley Economic Building Society
Account:Cash ISA Regular Saver
Account type:Cash ISA
Tax status:Tax free
Rates & conditions
Headline interest rate 1.15% AER
Interest rate type Variable
Interest payment frequency Annually
Rate tiers
Gross Rate Excluding BonusGross Rate Including BonusAER
Introductory bonus No introductory bonus payable.
Bonus payment conditions Not applicable.
Interest rate guarantees There are no interest rate guarantees.
Interest payment options to same account / to another savings account / to bank account
Opening the account
Minimum age 16 years
Maximum age -
Minimum deposit £20
Account opened
Account conditions
  • Withdrawal conditions
Transfers In no
Managing the account
Minimum balance £100
Minimum withdrawal £1
Minimum additional deposit £0
Maximum balance £50,000
Withdrawal conditions Withdrawal Conditions - One penalty free withdrawal can be made during the ISA year (6 April - 5 April). Other withdrawals can be made but will be subject to 30 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn.
Transfers out Transfers out to other providers are permitted.
Statement frequency annually
Additional information If no subscriptions are made for three consecutive months or if 3 or more monthly subscriptions are not made throughout the tax year (6 April to 5 April), the Society, after giving the investor 30 days notice of their intention to do so, reserves the right to transfer the account to an Instant Access Mini Cash ISA.