Guides to download

  • Investing in property

    Download our free guide to property investment options – including stockmarket investment, crowdfunding and what to consider when becoming a landlord. In association with Lendinvest.

  • Estate_plan

    A recent report from Coutts determined that over £1 trillion will pass down from one generation to another over the next 20 years. This, along with the further legislative changes recently announced by the Chancellor, means that reviewing your wealth succession plan has never been more important.

  • If you're thinking of investing in a new car get a head start by requesting one of these free, independent guides. Read about the best 4x4, Small, Executive, Eco and Family cars.

  • Whether you're struggling financially or just looking to make a bit on the side, finding additional sources of income can be invaluable. But there are so many ways you can earn a bit extra that it can be difficult to know where to start first. From renting out spare space in your home to selling goods and services, we show you how to get extra cash.

  • Are you or someone dear to you expecting a baby? Be sure to download our free financial guide to having a baby, including information on your rights and privileges as a parent and useful tips on getting prepared financially.