Granite : Credit Card

Card Name:Credit Card
Networks available:Visa
Credit Card
Rates & Fees
Introductory offers
Intro balance transfer ratena%
Intro balance transfer periodno intro offer
Intro balance transfer feena%
Balance transfer limit£0
Intro purchase rate0%
Intro purchase periodno intro offer
Other rates and fees
Representative APR34.9% APR (Representative)
Interest free period56 days
Interest charged fromdate of transaction
Annual fee£0
Interest on cash withdrawals45.0%
Charges and payments
Charge on overseas spending2.99%
Charge on cash withdrawals3% of withdrawal (minimum £3)
Charge for going over limit£12
Charge for late payment£12
Charge for returned payment£12
Rewards & Benefits
Spending Rewards
Cashback Rewards-
Points Scheme-
Shopping Rewards-
Charity Rewards-
Other IncentivesRepayment Option Plan The Repayment Option Plan (ROP) is a financial device that allows the customer to effectively freeze their account balance in the event of a difficult financial circumstance or allows them to take a payment holiday should they so require it, i.e. if the cardholder has become sick, disabled, unemployed involuntarily or had an accident which has effected their ability to make repayments (full details covering activation are covered later in this specification). A customer can add either ROP plan to their account at anytime (for an additional cost) and it is available to both Classic and Gold card holders. There are 2 plans available to the customer: The FULL (for cardholders who are currently employed) or The STANDARD (for cardholders who are currently unemployed, student or retired), Both plans allow the cardholder to either: Freeze the account for up to 24 months or Take a Payment Holiday once in a 6 month period Use the SMS service for account alerts and Make use of the Back To Work Helpline (BTWH) FULL Plan: Costs 1.29% of the outstanding balance per month (1.29p per £100). If there is no balance then there will be nothing to pay. STANDARD Plan: Costs 1.19% of the outstanding balance per month (1.19p per £100). If there is no balance then there will be nothing to pay.
Cardholder benefits
0% on overseas purchasesCheck
Travel insurance-
Warranty cover-
Purchase protection-
Internet fraud protectionIf the cardholder's Vanquis Card is observed being used in unusual transactions or in a suspicious manner, Vanquis will call the customer to confirm if the transactions were authentic/ authorised.
Opening and managing the account
Application information
Minimum age18 years
Minimum income£4,000 per annum
Credit ratingSubprime
Existing customers only-
Additional account required-
Apply onlineCheck
Maximum credit limit£0
Account services
Manage onlineCheck
Cheque bookCheck