Glossary: Spread betting

Allows you to bet, or take a position, on whatever you think a financial market will do next. The more the market moves in your favour (up or down), the more you profit, with unlimited potential. Similarly with losses, if the market moves against you. A spread betting company will offer a quoted “spread” on an index, share or even elements of a sporting fixture. If you think a market is set to rise, you ‘buy’ at the top end of the quote (the offer price), or if you think the market will fall you ‘sell’ at the bottom of the quote (the bid price). All gains are tax-free but you will have to deposit money with the spread betting company to cover any losses and if your losses exceed that, the company will demand more money to cover your loss-making position. Spread betting is risky; it’s for people who know what they’re doing rather than for novices.

Relevant to: First-time investor

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