Half Price Spare/Replacement Ford Car Keys

Recently I lost one of the keys for my '03 reg Ford Fiesta on a train.

This left with me with just one key, and knowing how much Ford would be likely to charge me to replace my locks if I left that one, I wanted to get a spare.

It's one of this types of keys that's got a chip built into it to turn the immobiliser off, I think they'll called "tibbe" style.

So I rang my main Ford dealership in Northampton to get a quote... I nearly passed out when they told me it would £125 ... £125!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

£25 for the key, £25 to cut the key and £75 to programme the chip in the key.

Two words ... NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

So after a quick google search I found A&A Security in Kettering (Google search 'AA Security Kettering') - sent them an e-mail through their website, they replied within 5 minutes (very impressive) and quoted me just £59.95 (including VAT).

Went there this morning, it took the lovely lady in there 5 minutes to cut the key - about 3 minutes to programme and it works perfectly!

So if you need a spare/replacement key for your Ford, whatever you do DON'T go to your local Ford dealership... I saved myself more than half - £65 by driving 10 miles from Northampton to Kettering and trusting a small independant business who aren't in the business of ripping people off.

I'm currently writing a letter to my local Ford dealership and to Ford UK to ask them to justify how they can charge this amount to do exactly the same job!!!!!

Your Replies

I lost the second key for a ford Ka.I desperately needed another but was scared of the prices I read on line.No problem I took the existing key to my local key cutter person. he cut me another key and read and transferred the chip code .20 mins and £30 job done.
The new key can open the doors manually (by key) and start the engine.(I could have had the press button extras as original for another £40 ) but for a spare I was ok without.
The key cutter is a friendly competent soul at Summer lane Barnsley.