Financial guide to having a baby

Having a baby is one of the biggest, most exciting things that can happen to you. It'll turn your life upside down for a while – and if you're not prepared it could leave your finances in a bit of a fix.

That's why Moneywise magazine are offering you a free Financial Guide to Having a Baby. Simply fill in your details below and click on the button to receive your free downloadable guide.

This guide helps you identify the key expenses from pregnancy right through the school years. It also outlines ways you can cut costs, highlights all the state benefits you're entitled to, and reveals the financial products that could make all the difference to your family's future.

Included in our financial guide to having a baby:

  • How much a child costs you from birth to leaving the nest, and some ideas on budgeting for it
  • Your rights and privileges as a parent
  • Saving for your child
  • Getting ready for your baby's arrival without breaking the bank
  • Financial products that help protect and provide for your baby
  • Childcare and education options


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