The Moneywise shopping basket

Moneywise compares the different supermarkets to see which ones offer the cheapest prices for the average family's weekly food shop.

In August, Asda offered the cheapest shopping basket, costing £20.01, up from £17.08 in February.

However, it is closely followed by Tesco, where the same basket of food costs £20.42. Sainsbury's comes in third spot, with its basket costing £21.1 but Waitrose remains the most expensive place for a weekly shop out of the four supermarkets - the same basket here costs £26.08.

Over the year so far, Asda has largely remained in the top spot, with Sainsbury's and Tesco battling it out for second place.

Despite official evidence that food inflation has fallen, Moneywise's basket of basic goods appears to be getting more expensive. At the start of the year, the basket came is at around £17 - but May this had risen to just over  £24.
Shopping basket breakdown:

The ten items in Moneywise’s shopping basket are:

* Loaf of medium sliced own–brand white bread
* Tin of tomatoes
* Bottle of own–brand Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
* 250g mature cheddar cheese
* Bag of 6 cox apples
* Pack of 4 chicken breasts
* 6 large free–range eggs
* 1 kg of Basmati rice
* 500g pack of spaghetti
* 110g bar of Lindt dark chocolate

Using, Moneywise has endeavoured to compare like–for–like items; however, in some instances the products are not perfect matches. For example, the tin of tomatoes from Sainsbury are peeled plum tomatoes whereas Asda’s are chopped tomatoes. The weight of chicken breasts is also variable and therefore affects price too.