Online buying and selling

Online shopping is a popular way to save time and money. Rebecca Rutt shares her top tips for seeking out a bargain and making some money on the internet.

I love getting a good bargain and while I could spend all day rooting through charity shops - it's much quicker to buy and sell things online.

I often use websites, which save me quite a lot of money, but there are also a number of catches to be aware of.

When selling the most important thing is the product's display picture you provide and the description. The more detail you give, the more likely you'll get a good deal.

Once you're sold it, post as soon as possible and if it's valuable send the package recorded delivery to make sure it gets to the buyer on time. This will also insure you get a good feedback score.

When buying online look at the seller's feedback. Make sure you check the small because you can't examine the item. For example when buying electrical goods make sure you ask for details of where the item was purchased.

There are a lot of stolen goods online and it can be impossible to tell these from the genuine items. If you suspect something is stolen contact the website provider immediately and remember if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Going through paypal is my preferred method as it is more secure than handing over cash or sending a cheque and provides a record of the transaction should anything go wrong.