How to get the most out of loyalty cards

Most of us have wallets stuffed full of brightly coloured loyalty cards that we never use. Moneywise TV shows you how to benefit from them.


Nearly every big high street store now offers some form of loyalty card, promising to give us money off and free days out. They may sound like a good idea, but are you getting the most out of them?

The key to using them successfully is to only have cards for the shops that you use regularly. As the cost of the card is priced into the products, don't waste your money in shops you wouldn't go to just to accumulate points.

Know the cash value of the points, and how you can redeem them, before you start to rack them up. For example, Boots offer four points per £1 spent, whereas the Nectar card scheme offers just 2 points per £1. Some schemes only give you the option of swapping the points for a money-off voucher, whereas others allow you to exchange them for certain rewards, such as free days out.

Exchanging your points for rewards is usually the best way to as they give a better return for your points than an instant money-off voucher. For example, the Tesco Clubcard reward scheme offers customers the chance to swap £10 worth of points for £40 worth of vouchers, which can be used for magazine subscriptions, hotel stays, restaurants and gym memberships among others.

By signing up to mailing lists and email newsletters from the loyalty schemes you can keep up-to-date with special offers available. Occasionally shops may offer special promotions where you can double the amount of points you earn by purchasing certain products. This is a good way to earn more points, however, it may cost you more if you buy something you don't need.

Always think of the points as an instant discount on your purchase. There's no point buying an item just because you can collect points on it when it may be cheaper elsewhere.

Remember to actually spend your points - there's no point in having a loyalty card with thousands of points that you don't ever redeem. If used well, loyalty card schemes are a great customer reward that can really save you money.

Your Comments

have in excess of £400 on my boots card despite buying things off it....i use my card & make it work for wiseely works but this video told me bothing i didnt already know...disappointed....

Unless you are buying what you need.. then you are just wasting money to gain points. Tesco cards are a waste of time as i can but the products cheaper via aldi, netto and home bargains and also offers from iceland and asda plus the local fruit and veg shop

BEWARE: Although Nectar told me they had not heard of it before my Nectar card was cloned somehow and £140 worth of points were used whilst I did not leave my house. Plus my card was in my purse all the time. If you search online 'Nectar Fraud', you will find out Nectar were lying as this has been going on for years. I live on my own, do not share the card with anyone and had not requested a new one at any point. Nectar were AWFUL and extremely unhelpful and would not replace the points! Thankfully Sainsburys took up my case and could see from CCTV in stores I never went into; that it was indeed not me spending my points. Should this happen to you; do not be fobbed off by Nectar who told me they could not do anything about it because my card had been used to put points on first. This, it seems is all part of the scam. The whole thing has been upsetting and exhausting and I am disgusted with Nectar at how unhelpful they were!