How budget supermarkets have saved me money

The cost of living is rapidly increasing but one way Rebecca Rutt has saved money is by switching to a budget supermarket.

Since moving to London my monthly budget has been squeezed to its tightest yet and as the cost of almost everything shoots up it's now harder than ever.

One way I've cut costs is by changing supermarkets. Although I do love Sainsbury's, switching to Lidl has helped a lot. I bought a box of biscuits, some fair trade bananas, six apples and a tub of cream cheese for £2.60 last week – a fraction of what I used to pay.

The best way shop at budget stores is by not having a list as the food changes all the time. Be warned this can lead to an odd shopping experience as I recently went in for dinner and walked out with a pot of honey, greek yoghurt and fresh mackerel.

Don't buy something just because it's cheap or you'll end up throwing it away and remember to bring along your own bag as otherwise you'll have to pay for one.

A lot of the food won't have English labels and you won't find your favourite brands but be open-minded and you'll be rewarded. A weekly shop is something we all do and everyone has their own favourite shop but going to Lidl and not just Sainsbury's has saved me a lot of money.