How to get the best mobile phone deal

With a myriad of mobile phone contracts to choose from it's not surprising we're all confused. Moneywise TV shows you how to find the best one.


Mobile phone technology has come a long way, but the millions of different deals on offer can make choosing one bewildering – here’s how to navigate the maze.
First of all - how do you use your mobile? Do you regularly exceed your monthly text and call allowance? Are you always chasing the latest handset? Or are you one of the unlucky who always manage to break or lose their phone?

If you use more than your inclusive calls and texts each month, you could save money by moving to a more expensive mobile tariff.
If you’re good at sticking to your limits, check whether another mobile phone provider offers the same allowance for a lower monthly fee.
In both situations the easiest way to browse tariffs is to use comparison sites. Remember; it rarely pays to remain loyal.

For light mobile phone users, consider moving to a Pay As You Go tariff. This way you’ll only pay for what you use. However, the downside is that you don’t usually get a phone included.

If your contract is up for renewal and you’re happy to keep the same phone, ask your provider if it will give you a discount on your monthly bill instead of a new handset. Choosing a basic handset will also reduce the cost of your bill.

Many of us, however, like to have the latest handset. When getting an upgrade you should think about how long you want to be locked into your contract – usually the longer you’re happy to be locked in the less you’ll have to pay.
12-month contracts have become a rarity, with most providers now pushing 18 and 24-month contracts.
If you opt for a longer contract, watch out for termination charges and consider the fact that many mobile phones are not built to last for long.

Many people get hit by 'hidden costs' such as charges for accessing voicemail, itemised paper bills, or for special rate numbers, such as 0800 and 0845.
To avoid constantly going over your monthly tariff, always check the smallprint, and think about when you use your phone most frequently.
Finally, don’t settle for the packages you see online or in phone shops. Always haggle.

Phone your current provider and threaten to switch to a competitor. You should then be put through to the customer retentions department where you can start negotiating a better deal.

Don’t take no for an answer, and you’ll be amazed how much you can get for your money.

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Very good

I am desperately seeking a good internet service provider as mine keeps on going down, i.e. talktalk who have taken over Tiscali.

try The Post Office as a subscriber - we find them brilliant...with lots of extras.

Go For Virgin Media, Very good service

02 and if you have there mobile its even cheaper

I was very surprised, frustrated, and unimpressed with 3 mobile, when my phone needed to be repaired. A Blackberry, (btw after only 5 months!). I wasn't given a replacement or a free upgrade.
I told the Adviser, "if I was running a business, I'd be down the pan after not being able to use a mobile for two weeks".
I was referred to a store, but the Sales Assistant wasn't clear about anything, and didn't offer anything. Was advised to go into Carphone Warehouse, where a perplexed Sales Assistant, said they don't deal with anything, other than their own products?
With all the competition, there are better deals and companies.

No none of the above all you need is a 3 ONE plan tariff which gives you
2000 x net mins 5000 sms
5000 323 mins
UNLIMITED data usage(no fair usage policy)
Free voicemail
Set your contract to a £0 credit limit and you will never have a bigger bill than £25.00 per month
This means you can ONLY make calls within the free tarrif usage
There is not 1 other tariff that can beat the 3 One plan.
You can even get rid of your landbased broaband as you can use your phone as a wi-fi hotspot or directly tether your phone to your computer.
Obviously no good if you have other property occupants and they expect to use your landbased service.
Otherwise you don't need it.
Speed is a little slower; I think it would take a week to download 10 gb
Also you get a smartphone from a selection.
You can pay more than £25.00 if you want; for a more expensive phone; but you get a perfectly good smartphone for £25.00 per month.

Completely disagree with person complaining about 3; NO other provider would have given you a replacement phone whilst your one was being repaired.
Over the past 10 years 3 has consistently offered better value tariffs than ANY other provider; which is why I have been acustomer of their's all these years
I suggest you check ALL other mobile providers against the 3 ONE plan and I guarantee for £25.00 per month you WILL NOT find anyone offering a better deal than them.
And no I don't work for 3.

I use BillMonitor it checks your usage against your current plan and shows you where you are wasting money.It tell you which is th ebest contract for you and when you can change for it.. just amazing !!!!  I love it !


(Completely disagree with person complaining about 3; NO other provider would have given you a replacement phone whilst your one was being repaired.)
My son's phone needed repairing under insurance and he was given a temporary phone by the shop to use whilst his went away, albeit a basic phone, we are with Vodafone.
I am looking for one contract that can have 5 phone numbers each using minutes, texts and data from a shared use.  Any idea's?