Protect your wallet abroad

A stolen or lost wallet can ruin even the most magical of holidays. So, before you head off on your travels, make sure you follow our top tips on keeping your money and cards safe.

1. Use a prepaid card

Cards such as the FairFX Currency Card or the Post Office Travel Money card can be pre-loaded with cash and used at cash points or in shops that accept Visa or MasterCard.

You can’t go overdrawn on prepaid cards and you – or a friend or relative you appoint – can top them up online and over the phone. Look out for deals that also provide competitive exchange rates, so you can fixed this when you load the card with a foreign currency.

It's fairly easy to get a pre-paid card, as no credit checks are done when you apply. They are ideal if you want to budget when abroad but can also be used in the UK and for shopping online.

However, bear in mind that prepaid card aren't necessarily free - there might be a charge for opening an account, putting money onto the card or withdrawing your cash.

2. Take some travellers’ cheques as a 

Although you’ll need to show ID in order to cash these, you can get them replaced if they’re lost or stolen.

3. Keep your eyes open

Don’t let your credit or debit card out of your sight when paying in a restaurant or shop. Not all countries have upgraded to chip and PIN, so you could be at risk if someone clones your card when you’re not looking.

4. Be prepared

Keep photocopies of all your important paperwork such as your travel insurance policy and passport, and leave copies with your family, as well as emailing the documents to yourself. Include a note of lost card helplines for your credit and debit cards so you can quickly stop the cards if they’re stolen.

5. Keep your bank informed

Tell your bank your plans before you go – otherwise it may block your account if it notices an unusual spending pattern. Also, check whether you can make your parents or partner an additional signatory on your account so they can speak to the bank in your absence.