How to find cheap flights

Although there isn't a magic solution to finding cheap flights, follow Moneywise TV's advice to give you a helping hand.

There's no hard and fast rule to bagging yourself a cheap flight but there are a few things you can do to try and get yourself a cheap flight.

Flying mid–week can have a big effect on the price of your flights. Understandably weekend flights are popular because fliers don't have to take time off work but the result is it costs more to fly then, so consider flying on a weekday.

Just like the rush hour on trains, planes also have busy periods, especially to cities on popular business routes.  People flying out for business meetings tend to fly out first thing in the morning and return late evening so if you can, avoid these busy times.
On the flipside prices don't tend to go up at the weekend so much on business destinations. Travelsupermarket for example found that the cheapest fares to Moscow, Brussels and Geneva were available throughout the whole week.

While some of us swear by booking early, others insist last minute deals get you the cheapest prices. As a general rule book early for budget and scheduled airlines; these work on timetables and tend to run seasonal sales. When it comes to chartered flights book late: these companies are much more concerned with filling the whole plane and so will sell off seats cheaply last minute to fill remaining seats.
Booking outside of school holidays and peak season makes a considerable difference to the final cost of your holiday – in some cases flying during the school holidays can double the cost of your break.

All well and good if you don't have kids, but taking children out of school during term is frowned upon by most schools. However headteachers can use their discretion to grant up to 10 days leave if there are special circumstances and you request permission in advance.
If you take your child on holiday with no prior warning expect the school to follow up with some course of action.

Schools are unlikely to say yes if your child is at a critical stage of their education, nor will they do it just so you get a cheap deal. So it's worth stressing what your child will get from the holiday.

If you're going away for just a few days don't check in luggage: budget carriers like easyjet, charge extra per checked in bag. Also veer away from optional priority boarding and text alerts, which will add to your bill but be of little benefit.

Whatever your trip the message is to be as flexible as possible with dates, times and even where you to help keep costs down. Do your research and when you spot a good deal book it before it goes up in price or sells out.