Cheap ways to make your home more energy efficient

From fitting draught excluders to buying energy saving lightbulbs, follow Moneywise TV's simple ways to cut down your energy usage - and bills - in the home. 

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There are lots and lots of simple and no cost / low cost ways to reduce a home's electrict and heating bills.

For example, we have collected ourselves more than 500 energy as well as clean water savings tips from hundreds of individuals in the above free collection, including:

400+ which are simple and easy to do

275+ which cost absolutely no money to do

115+ which cost just a little (really, just a little) money to do

115+ electricity conservation suggestions

110+ home heating savings tips.

Sometimes it just takes a reminder to kickstart a household into taking a second or third or fourth or.... look at what it is and is not doing to reduce its utility bills. I hope this helps,


Ways to save on Energy bills
1.,Turn Heating Off.
2, Turn Electricity Off.
3, eat cold food, save's cooking and therefore energy.
4, spend more time around neighbours house.
5, Dont get out of bed.
6, Go to the Library during the daytime.
7, Go to the Pub in the evening,

Being energy efficient is not only to cut down cost of electricity bills but also to contribute for the environment. The easiest of all the ways to cut down your bills is to save power by switching off unwanted electrical appliances. Alternatively, you can save on energy bills by installing solar panels, reducing heat loss especially during winter by insulating your home.
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