How to get a better deal on train travel

Not only is travelling by train often quicker, it’s also kinder on the environment, but what about the cost? Moneywise TV's Nathalie Bonney offers her top tips on booking cheap train tickets.

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This piece has not been well researched in money saving terms.

Promotion should not be given to The Trainline and Raileasy as both of these sites charge a booking fee and have premium rate phone numbers if you need to phone for help (Raileasy at £1 per minute).

Individual train operating company web sites do not charge booking fees and can book train tickets to anywhere in the country with exactly the same ticket prices as The Trainline and Raileasy, and with local rate numbers if you need to phone for help.

Similary, a ticket office at any railway station can offer all these reduced tickets if you are pruchasing in advance, and can even do the split ticketing option (if you research it in advance)...admittedly more complicated ways of doing things may rely on how well the member of staff knows the system, but I've never had any problems. Be aware that if you are split ticketing and one train is late meaning you miss your connecting train then if you have an Advance ticket for that specific train then the likelihood is that you will have to buy a new ticket at full price. Station ticket offices can also book cycles onto trains, whereas most booking websites can't.

The best option I have found for tickets to anywhere in the country (not just East Coast destinations) is This site can book cycles onto trains, doesn't charge a booking fee, automatically shows all ticket prices for singles and returns so you can see the cheapest option immediately, and has an 0845 local rate booking line (or if you're really clever use the geographical number 0191 259 0807.) Furthermore, when I have needed to ring the booking line for assistance the customer service has been excellent.

I partly agree with the above comment. However, I would recommend London Midland over East Coast. The reason for this is that London Midland: use the same booking engine as East Coast but don't have 0845/0870 numbers for customer service if things go wrong.

I do find that some joruney options and ticket types don't always come up but if it doesn't come up a First group site then it won't come up on the trainline as they use the same booking engine. The best rate to check for all journey options is to use and then to transfer to another site (not the trainline, Qjump, raileasy) for booking the tickets.

There are various methods of train booking available. We can book tickets through train booking applications, online booking or phone booking or through travel agents But would prefer travel agents cause they are more reliable and less time consuming. which is one of the travel agent.