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We have made some changes to the way you contribute your comments to  We really appreciate your participation and your contributions, but also want to ensure that the comments we publish on the site are valid and useful to other readers, and so we are asking you to register in order to contribute in this way. 

In addition we have introduced a “report as spam” facility for you to flag up any comments you think might not be valid.  In the past we used to validate each comment manually but will no longer be monitoring in this way – this means comments will be published real time which we hope will make the conversation flow a bit better, but also means you have to help us maintain the quality of the postings.  We will review all comments reported by you as spam.

We are also introducing the ability to post your comments to your Facebook wall or to tweet it on Twitter. This allows you to flag up articles that might be useful to your friends or followers, whilst giving your own views on the matter.  We hope some of you will find this added functionality useful.
Thank you for your contributions on the site, let’s keep the conversation going.
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Do you work out what balance transfer fee you will pay before switching credit cards?

Yes: Of course. Fees can be significant and I don't want any nasty surprises.
43% (343 votes)
No: I only ever take out a fee-free deal.
17% (138 votes)
Yes: It's the only way to work out the true cost of the credit card facility.
25% (200 votes)
No: I assumed a 0% balance transfer deal meant there were no fees.
14% (109 votes)
Total votes: 790

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