The student loan swindle

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Why is her loan interest 1.5% this year when my son's who took their loans out commencing 1998 will be paying 4.4%?

What's even more annoying is that EU students who study in the UK don't have to pay back anything if they don't work in the UK as it's all paid back through the PAYE scheme. So for EU students studying in the UK all tuition fees and any loan they take out for maintenance are all free!!!!

University education should be free, after all when you land yourself a top job later on (highly unlikely) and you be expected to pay a higher rate of income tax if you land a highly paid can pay it back then (maybe!)

By the way... I started working when I left school at 16 and worked for 41 years without ever claiming JSA, I my time (1972) there was no choice of University education and loans and so on as I came from a 1 parent family with 3 children, I went out to sea at 16 and paid into my mothers account (My choice by the way) I have no regrets whatsoever......