Best balance transfer and 0% purchase cards

Choosing the right card can be a difficult task but Moneywise has sifted through the plastic to find the very best credit cards to suit a variety of spending patterns.

Our weekly round-up contains all the best buys, putting you in charge of your money and letting you know how to get the most out of your plastic. Before you take the plunge however, it is worth thinking about what you want a credit card to do and what you want to use it for.

If you are going to spend large amounts, find a credit card offering 0% on purchases - ideally one with a long interest-free period that charges a reasonable interest rate after the introductory deal. Alternatively, if you will be clearing your balance in full each month, you may do better out of a cashback or reward card.

If you’re planning to use your card abroad watch out for exchange rate fees. These are easily missed, and can cost 5% or more of your withdrawals. We’ve rounded up the best fee-free cards to take abroad here.

Finally, if you already have credit card debt, you might want to find the best credit card for balance transfer deals - preferably one charging 0% on balance transfers. But don't forget to look out for the fees too. 

Here's our line-up of the best credit cards for rewards and cashback.

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Best 0% purchase cards

Virgin Money offers an unprecedented 30 months interest-free credit on purchases, potentially providing no interest to pay on Christmas shopping until May 2019. The card includes 19 months' 0% interest on balance transfers with a 2.99% fee. Virgin has said that all people who qualify for the card will be offered the full 0% interest period. The card has a 19.9% APR

Tesco Bank’s Clubcard Purchase Card is a close second, charging no interest for 28 months, providing you don’t go over your credit limit or miss a payment. It charges no interest on balance transfers for three months, though a 2.9% fee means you’ll pay £87 for a £3,000 transfer. You’ll earn Clubcard points worth 1.25p per £1 you spend in Tesco, and 1p’s worth of points for every £8 you spend elsewhere. Outside the introductory deals, the interest rate is 18.9% APR.

Sainsbury’s Bank’s Nectar Purchase Credit Card now offers the same 28-month interest free period, with a significantly longer 18 month 0% interest for balance transfers, subject to a 2.89% fee (£86.70 on a £3,000 balance). You’ll earn 1p’s worth of Nectar points for each £1 you spend in Sainsbury’s, and 1p’s worth for every £10 you spend elsewhere. The interest rate is 18.9% APR representative.

Post Office Money’s Matched Card charges no interest on purchases for 27 months, providing you repay at least the minimum each month. It also includes a 16-month 0% interest balance transfer period, which is subject to a 2.98% fee (£89.40 on a £3,000 balance). The card’s standard rate is 18.9% APR representative.

Best balance transfer cards

If you are in debt then a balance transfer card, if used properly, can be a great way to manage that debt and reduce the amount you’ll need to pay back.

Look for a card that offers a substantial 0% period, so you can clear your debt before it reverts to its normal APR and you end up paying interest. Remember 0% interest doesn't mean free - many of these cards will charge a balance transfer fee, of up to 3% of the balance. 

Halifax has one of a handful of cards that charges no fees at all on balance transfers, letting pay nothing to transfer an existing balance for up to 25 months.

Elsewhere, Tesco Bank and Virgin Money will lend fee-free for 24-months on its 0% balance transfer card. Outside the introductory offer, Halifax and Tesco Bank charge 18.9% APR representative with Virgin Money slightly more expensive at 19.9% APR.

The Halifax card also includes six months’ interest free purchases, while Virgin charges no interest on purchases for three months. Purchases with Tesco Bank are interest-free for one month.


If you’re willing to pay a balance transfer fee to get more time to clear your balance, nuba has a 41-month 0% deal, with a one off 3.29% balance transfer fee, however the plus point with this deal is that you’ll get a £20 Amazon gift card if you transfer at least £1,000 within the first 60 days. . 

Money Transfers

Money transfers work similarly to balance transfers, except the cash is paid into your current account so you can use it to pay off a loan or an overdraft instead of credit card balance.

There are several 0% introductory offers for money transfers, giving you up to three years to clear your debts without paying interest. As with balance transfers, you'll need to watch out for the fees, which are typically 3%-4% for money transfers. 

Virgin Money has the lowest fees for money transfers. Its 32-month 0% Money Transfer Card charges 1.69% of any money transfer, equivalent to £50.70 on a £3,000 balance.

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