Nationwide Building Society equals poor customer service

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I am so glad of this opportunity to warn all moneywise users TO STEER CLEAR OF NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY!!

 I have been with the society for many years however since they merged with Portman the customer service has been non existant!

I attempted to transfer an ISA into Nationwide in March 2008 and still am waiting for my money to be made available in my account! I have received confirmation in April that the money was with them but they have still not funded my account with my money!

I have visited branches, rung call centres, spoken to managers, written to Nationwide and now written to Daily Mail as they were running a story on the poor service offered on ISA transfers.

After Nationwide branches have been unable to help, call centres have promised call back and they have never materialised and even managers who apologised for the poor level of service and agreed they did have my funds in May - and assured me of a call back have all failed me.

I would like to know what other companies are permitted to retain customers money in their accounts and not process it after 4 months have elapsed.  Any other company you would be taking them to the small claims court - but what hope have you got with this financial services!

I have today received another communication from nationwide confirming they have my monies but advising I need to fill out an application form to transfer the funds.  You might think this is a good step forward, but as I have already completed 2 application forms and provided these to Nationwide already, I feel it is just another delaying tactic to try and make it look like they are actually doing something!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take my advise and stay well clear of Nationwide.  The queues out of the doors of branches is a clear sign of the poor level of service provided, and if my experience is anything to go by, probably better to keep your money under the mattress.

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You are not alone - and its not only the Nationwide who cannot seem to get their act together with ISA transfers. I have had a battle with Bradford and Bingley, which started in April and is still continuing. I applied to transfer my ISA out and they made a complete hash of it.

I will not bore you with the details, but the saga involves disappearing transfer forms, non arrival of funds,and non communication between two banks blaming each other for the mess, my money having disappeared into cyber-space.

I have spent hours on the phone at my expense trying to sort this out, and it is still ongoing.

In the meantime I have not had access to my money for over a month.

I should say the exact opposite. Excellent service from Nationwide since 1985. Local branch has queues because it's popular. Staff at branch greet members (it is a society) by name because they know them. My two children who started saving with Nationwide at pre-school age are happy Nationwide members in their 20s. Very satisfied with Flexaccount for many years and with the Nationwide credit card, especially for use on foreign holidays. I couldn't disagree more with the two posts above.

My post was only concerned with the aspect of ISA transfers. I too have a Flexaccount with Nationwide and have no complaints with regard to this, as you say it is one of the best cards to use abroad.

My local branch always has a queue, but this is because there are only two desks open! They do seem to be much more efficient than Abbey, my alternative bank which always has a queue twice as long and less staff.

The delays in ISA transfers seem to be a problem across the board, there should be some regulation on the maximum time it can take. My main gripe is with Bradford and Bingley, who have messed up my ISA transfer big time. Even now, three months after I first applied for a transfer, they have not sorted it out, after numerous phone calls on my part. I would have thought that with their current problems, they would be eager to hang onto their customers.

I opened a savings and current account with nationwide 14 months ago, and they have driven me nuts with mistakes ever since..... but, i also have active accounts with Natwest, Bank of scotland and savings accounts with 5 others, they are all as bad as each othe The UK banking sector is poor in terms of how it performs no matter what bank you are with when you need them to do anything away from normal day to day transactions, but its till better than most other parts of the world, we pay next to nothing for what we get, other parts of the world you pay for everything you do, i have been looking at opening accounts oversea's for a while and cant find better than the UK. Nationwide really messed me about last month, but they put it right, when they said they would fix it i did not believe they would, but they did. When NatWest made the same mistake, twice over 1 year, they failed to fix it or componsate me for the considerable problems it caused, so Nationwide gets a reluctant thumbs up from me.

well, I have now had a letter asking me to complete an application form for an ISA for this tax year. As it was an ISA transfer from a few years ago I have had to contact them again and advise them how to do their job!

I have now given them 10 days to sort it out or I am going to the ombudsman. How can they receive my money in April and still not know how to apply to an existing ISA 3 months later.

I have this week contacted Nationwide again - and they DO require a application form even though they already have the transfer form - (2 copies as the first was lost and has now been found!)

The application form refers to opening an account in 2008/2009 tax year (which is not what I wish to do). It seems I will have to complete this form which is not even worded correctly for an ISA transfer from an account pre this tax year. However I think if I continue to dispute it I will never see my money again!

Sending application form Monday so I will let you know if they can get my money to my account within 6 months from when this saga started in the last tax year!

I said in my last posting that my gripe was with Bradford and Bingley, now I can feel the beginning of a seething gripe with Nationwide, who I had hoped would prove more efficient.
They have still not opened my new ISA account, despite a cheque having been sent out to them in the middle of July. Why do they hang onto cheques? It's just as well I don't need access to the money at the moment.
I did have a letter from Nationwide in July, stating they had a backlog of ISA applications and had put "extra resources in place" - I dont think so, this is merely an appeasement to try and keep me sweet, along with probably thousands of other frustrated customers.
I did enquire at my local branch and they fobbed me off with some excuse, they were no help whatsoever.
I do think the banks and large building societies are all as bad as each other, small local building societies seem to offer a more efficient service, and also their interest rates are often better. Many of these, unfortunately, have been bought out by the big sharks.

I have worked for Nationwide for the past 2 years, as a member of retail staff.

I think the expectations of our customers are ridiculous. The comment about not being seen after walking in off the street is unbelievable. As it goes Nationwide is too soft with our customers compared to other Uk financial institutions. Any high street bank will generally only see customers for new accounts on an appointment only basis. So our customers are generally treated better in that respect. At my branch we always try to get people seen asap, and then get grief for it no matter what. The attitude of our customers is disgraceful. So much so that it has prompted 5 members in my branch alone to leave within the last year. I myself have had enough and am leaving in two weeks. The stick we get is unbelievable.

With regard to the ISA applications, it is A HM Revenue requirement that we have up to date apps for the relevant tax year. We face fines if electronic copies of these are not available

I think you mis-read my original emails, I applied for a 2007=2008 ISA transfer in March 2008 and had to complete an application form with 2008-2009 printed on the top - this is illegal when I have already used up my 2008-2009 allowance!

I do feel sorry for the staff on the front line, as you do get a lot of hassle, but not all staff are helpful, co-operative or very clued up on what they are doing.

My complaint with Member Relations has finally ended this week after going on since April. I have received apology from on high and compensation. You might be doing a good job but not all of Nationwide is as competent, and for that reason my compensation has been welcomed.

For anyone still chasing up Nationwide complaints, ensure you escalate it to Member Relations level 2 then you will certainly get some action.

Good luck to all.

tomser22 makes a good point. If you can get past the call center to Member Relations things improve, but NW do not seem to appreciate the importance of the initial contact.
My current bind is the internet banking system which has a recurrent fault which seems to suggest that account data is not encrypted and full account information is unavailable.Call center staff cannot understand how this effects customer confidence when one is trying to check ones account. If one uses the secure mail system a meaningful reply can take up to a month!
The complexity of the telephone contact identification system may suit the young and mentally agile, but those of more mature years find it a pain! Inputting a series of 14 numbers followed by date of birth is just too much for many of pensionable age with less than perfect sight. If one could explain this to a moderately intelligent human perhaps things might change but they lack customer understanding.
Nationwide's policies on saving interest rates are also poor. They should highlight changes on the website but unless one is continually checking the rates drop without notice yet again.They need your money but are unwilling to pay rates higher than inflation so we the customers loose again.
I acknowledge that NW is better than some, but they used to be the best !

I wish to formally complain about the systemic problems faced within the Nationwide Building Society with respect to the tax status on my account and the consistent failure by the Nationwide to rectify this problem.

Firstly the account was opened on the 8 January 2008 with the completed R85 in order to receive the interest gross. Although a certificate of investment is received there is no indication on the certificate that the interest will be paid gross or net. The error was only discovered when a maturity letter was sent to me.

On sending another R85 tax form to the Nationwide for the second time the Nationwide insists that no acknowledgement will be sent out to me to confirm the tax status on this account. The staff at the Hounslow branch advised me that the Nationwide’s service level for updating the R85 form is 2 weeks. In spite of this assurance the account had not been updated after 5 weeks.

The local Hounslow branch assured me that the processing department will sort this problem but will not acknowledge this in writing nor a confirmation sent by Head office. The onus is placed on me to continue to monitor the progress of my account.

I feel that the Nationwide has failing to take reasonable care to organise and control its affairs responsibly and effectively with respect to:

1) Effectively recording the completed R85 forms at the time of opening the account and monitoring the progress of updating the client records.
2) Customers are not aware from their Certificate of Investment that the interest is to be paid gross or net
3) Senior Management does not have any monitoring systems in place to check the backlog of the processing of Forms R85 even though this process could be time critical for customers.
4) The Nationwide refuses to acknowledge and confirm that the tax status on the customers account is updated leaving the customer ignorant as to whether the process has been completed on time.
5) Nationwide does not have procedures in place to manage R85 processing adequately and effectively to manage the risks if there is a problem.
6) Nationwide did not respond appropriately and in a timely manner to establish the risks to Nationwide customers with regard to the tax status of accounts.
7) Nationwide failed to implement adequate training and monitoring to ensure that the branch staff know how to chase backlog of time critical data like R85 forms.

In order that this issue is raised in the public interest on behalf of countless Nationwide members this complaint has been forwarded to the FSA to adjudicate in this respect.

I look forward to a formal response from the Head of Customer Service detailing the action that it will take, the systems that will be implemented, and an implementation plan and audit report on this matter.

Yours faithfully

I have been a Nationwide customer since 1983. The general standard of customer service and tructworthiness of this society has dropped sharply over the last few years. If you look at the changes to the Board you'll see the reason for this. Formerly all Board Members had long histories within the Building Society movement. Recently this has ceased to be the case and many recent 'recruits' have come from that end of the Financial Services sector which could at best be called 'consumer unfriendly'. Look at Nationwide's current interest rates. Abysmal!

Yes, their customer service is shocking.
We have a credit balance in our flexi account, but because we have not used the account for a while, they have withdrawn the overdraft facility in a most rude letter. When I phoned, fully expecting them to reinstate the overdraft facility (which is only a safety net) they were completely intransigent; were unable to reinstate the overdraft and told us we could pay it off at £50 per month. When I said we did not need to do that as we are in credit, we were told that this could affect our credit rating!! They could not seem to grasp the fact that we have never used our overdraft but only need it "just in case" and kept repeating that we could reduce it bit by bit. Unable to deal with these people.
What a load of no-hopers, unable to use common sense or discretion.

Nationwide's customer service is shambolic. Their phone line has no access to the online systems, their online systems support cannot verify you if you only have a credit card, and the online system locks you out if you have three failed attempts to log in.

This is a denial of service nightmare - any three attempts by anyone anywhere will lock out your account and you have to re-register and wait 5 days for new details to be posted.

I phoned to try to have my account sorted - spent 20 minutes being variously hung up on or put through to surly staff.

Avoid them at all costs.

I am together with my mother and daughter a former happy Portman menber. The joint account we held ticked happily along for many years with no problems.

After the merger Nationwide were not able to handle the account with three members so it was suggested we change it to a 'cashbuilder'.

We agreed and, as it could not be done in the branch, sent off the forms in August 2008. Not being particularly worried we chased it a couple of times last year and was told, at least twice, that they had the forms and it was progressing.

At the end of last year we received a letteer telling us the account was now held as dormant.

We rang up and were told that NW did not have any forms but 'lets forget that as it gets us no further' .To reinstate the account we needed to take some forms into the local branch, they would 'sort it' and we would walk out with a cheque. They duly sent the forms, we went into the branch, but they could not access the account

The branch is Luton and is really goodand helpful. They offered to fax the forms through to speed up the process, but the central centre concerned would not accept them by fax, so they had to be sent by snail mail.

We phoned up a week later but they did not have the forms! We were worried so we adked to speak to someone higher. They refused to pass us to a supervisor ot to give us a complaints number,or to give us an ombusdman number (well they said they did but it was wrong) or give us any helo or satisfaction at all. I have the girl's name and will be making a complaint to the FSA.

On their web site they give a link to complaints. This doesn't work, it just links to their main computerised phone system. We were told If we wanted to make a complaint we would need to go via the branch

At the begining of Feb we phoned again and this time they admitted they had the forms but the processing would take 28 days.

Two weeks later, after the twenty wight days, we phoned again; this time, we are told, it is to take twenty eight working days. This doesn't make any sense because 28 days is four weeks, 28 working days is 5 weeks 3 days.not at all a likely number. It is a blatant put off, which they laughingly call being fair to their customers.

This is our money (well into five figures) that they have held now for 5 months. It was in an instant access account, which is a joke.

Phone calls have generally taken over half an hour, most of which is spent listening to Kenny G music. Twice I have waited about three quarters of an hour only to be cut off. And one memorable time the person we were talking to had to phone us back which took over two hours because she had been put on hold on the internal then been cut off.

In my opinion parlance what they are doing is tantamount to theft, as it is our money that is denied to us by their mistakes, and to really grind salt into the wound I believe it is not earning interest while it is in dormancy

I love them

you make them sound like marmite either love them or hate them!! Atleast someone is happy with them.

I have been told by the ISA team at Natonwide that they WONT tell me at what stage my ISA transfer is or where my money is. I think they have forgotten whose money it is

You need to ring again and ask to be transferred to member services, they will ensure your enquiry is handled in a more efficient manner. Let me know how you get on.

I've been with NW since i was in school, i'm now 30.
I have a Flexaccount also a cashbuilder.
They won't give me a a credit card or a debit card, all i have is a hole in the wall card. They told me that since i don't have a grand a month going in they can't give me anything.
You'd think for the sake of £20 they'd let it slide!!
Yet, they let me have a cheque book (no cheque guarantee card).
At 30, it's a joke that i can't even get a visa electron - it's my money after all.

As a new customer I cannot get through on the telephone waiting over 30 mins and not able to logon - Please set me up to go back to NATWEST NOW!!!!!!!!

Are those praising the Nationwide here members of staff of that organisation? The single member of staff who posted last December is a perfect example of the level of 'customer service' at Nationwide. The customers are a nuisance and upset the daily routine of what is fast becoming a monster. As a long term member (26 years) I formerly recommended the 'society' to all my friends and relations, now I wouldn't recommend it to Gordon Brown. I am sad that Nationwide has lost its way, it has become too big, too fast under the direction of Mr Beale and his board of directors. I feel a Northern Rock moment coming on here if this lot aren't reigned in and quickly. My wife and myself had a large sum deposited in various bonds, as they mature we are placing the proceeds with small local society's where customer service is still paramount. One's the Monmouthshire Building Society, an organisation that still made a profit last year. Excellent board of directors taking reasonable salaries and reasonable bonuses and no stupid risky 'investments' in Iceland or greedy boy 'financial instruments' of dubious origin. Bye bye Nationwide!

Reading the above tales of woe is deja vue! It seems they haven't improved since last year. I have another long tale of forms repeatedly filled in and apparently lost by Nationwide, involving a simple transfer from one of their ISAs to another.It's made worse by the fact that the client involved is elderly and partially sighted and took the trouble to go to the branch and have the paper-work done by the staff there. Three months later she still hasn't received her investment certificate and indeed has been asked to complete the forms for a FOURTH time, but without having been sent any relevant contact numbers or even her account number. Customer service staff unhelpful and surly, taking no account of the client's disability,making no apology and,thus far,still not sorting the problem. We shall see what happens next.

I am an angry soon to be ex-Nationwide customer. Since Nov 2008 they seem to have introduced a new policy for FlexAccount Cashcard and Casbuilder accounts which prevents customers withdrawing less than 30.00 over the counter.

With funds running low in these difficult times, and trying to practice good financial management, I needed to today make a small withdrawal of an odd afunds mount in order to leave a balnce to cover direct debits that are to hit my account on after this weekend.

Nationwide simply refused to allow me to withdraw my own funds and simply suggested I withdrew more than I needed from an ATM and then having spent what I needed call back in to the branch to deposit the bal
ance back into my account - absolutely ludicrous!

Needless to say, I made the apropriate fuss, got them (after 1.5hours in the branch) to document this suggestion in writing.

Incidently, no-one in the branch or at Nationwide in Swindon could advise which UK Statute (or EU equivalent) gives the Nationwide the legal power to refuse a customer to withdraw funds from their account, whatever the value.

I am follwing this up with legal advice, an official complaint to the ombudsman and the FSA as it seems as though Nationwide have introduced an illegal condition here purely because it suits their own operational needs. What next? A condition that you can only make a counter withdrawal if it is a Tuesday and it is raining outside? Utter Nonsense..

Has anyone had a similar experience that would be interested in joining forces in a class action against the Nationwide


I have been with the Nationwide for over 20 years and had my mortgage, Tessa, Isa's and all my kids accounts with them. I had a problem recently where they closed one of my accounts without my authorisation, I asked them why and got a load of what is frankly bollocks back from a junior officer.I should add that I was myself a bank manager and did accountancy and banking exams and was a graduate member of the institute of bankers. When I complained they obfucated for two months, refused to refer the matter up to their member services department depite six letters from me requesting the same under their stated complaints proceedure, and then told me that as 56 days had elapsed the complaint had "expired." My response, I've closed all my accounts and took my money elsewhere, I suggest to people here that you do likewise. They were a Rolls Royce building society with good procedures and staff training and quality products but are now frankly a Moscowvitch, shambolic quality, rusty administration, the very worst financial products abnd rates and they fall apart when they hit the first bump.

I have read with interest the comments regarding Nationwide Building Society.

As a mortgage customer of almost 13 years, I am most disturbed that Nationwide prides itself on offering the same deals to existing and new customers alike. Good news if you are a new customer; not such good news if you have given them what amounts to just over half a mortgage term's worth of loyalty.

As I need to increase my mortgage (of £37,736) by an additional £5,000, I have today been advised that, in the context of a two or three year tracker mortgage, the fee would be £995, thus representing nearly 20 per cent of the sum borrowed. This has certainly made me think that it's time to shop around for mortgage deals elsewhere, even if it transpires that better deals are awarded to new customers only.

Customer loyalty apparently counts for little, if not nothing with the Nationwide. With that in mind, perhaps I should vote with my feet and so should like-minded people. This philsophy may keep mortgage customers on the move (between lenders) if nothing else.

We have just had enough of NW. We are experiencing financial difficulties and they put us on a reducing overdraft but insisted it was reduced by £100 even though we could not afford it. When we tried to get this amount reduced they refused and subsequently, as my wages are paid in to the account i am beholden to them. We have now been unable to pay bills and are in real difficulty. Last week we went over the overdraft amount by £8. Realising our error, we paid in £139 but within 2 days of this (yesterday) they withdrew our overdraft facility completely. When we phoned to ask them to reinstate it they refused. Now, when my wage goes in next month it will all be taken up and i will have nothing to pay bills or live on and they just do not care. I am due to lose my house in court this month and now i will have nothing to live on. I am left feeling that i have been with this Building society for 23 years and when times got tough for me, Nationwide simply washed their hands. I would like to warn others that their advertisment stating that they look at new members as individuals is ironic as old, loyal members are treated with disregard by a userous hand.

We have just had enough of NW. We are experiencing financial difficulties and they put us on a reducing overdraft but insisted it was reduced by £100 even though we could not afford it. When we tried to get this amount reduced they refused and subsequently, as my wages are paid in to the account i am beholden to them. We have now been unable to pay bills and are in real difficulty. Last week we went over the overdraft amount by £8. Realising our error, we paid in £139 but within 2 days of this (yesterday) they withdrew our overdraft facility completely. When we phoned to ask them to reinstate it they refused. Now, when my wage goes in next month it will all be taken up and i will have nothing to pay bills or live on and they just do not care. I am due to lose my house in court this month and now i will have nothing to live on. I am left feeling that i have been with this Building society for 23 years and when times got tough for me, Nationwide simply washed their hands. I would like to warn others that their advertisment stating that they look at new members as individuals is ironic as old, loyal members are treated with disregard by a userous hand.

Has anyone else had recent instructions to renew Bonds not acted upon after changes to the interest rates? By the time correspondence requesting new instructions had been sent and delivered a minimum of 10 days interest was lost - a considerable sum on larger balances - and no doubt very beneficial to the Nationwide. We have complained and are seeking compensation and suggest others do the same.

This is an outstanding example of the sort of individual who has joined the staff of this 'former' Building Society recently. THE MEMBERS OWN THE SOCIETY and you are there to provide a service. When I joined Nationwide in 1983 the staff were superb and nothing was too much trouble. They were not expected to generate SALES but to deal with customers! Since Beale arrived this has all changed and Branch staffing levels have been slashed as work has been transferred to Swindon.(They've also closed 16 Branches with more to go!) Now try to get even the simplest of queries addressed and you wish you were with Barclays or Nat West, anybody but this shower! The puerile adverts go:- 'Proud to be a Building Society!' They should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act! ps My wife and I have removed over £80K in the last year and we have friends who have moved six figure sums. How long can the Nationwide survive the haemorrhaging of LONG TERM saving members is anyone's guess.

I would need a good few hours to bore you with all the details of exactly how appauling Nationwide Customer service is. I have a mortgage with them and will not be going anywhere near them when the term is up. It took months to resolve a query regarding overpayment allowance and they were even getting basic information wrong about balances on my account. Not confidence inspiring when you're dealing with thousands of pounds and judging from other experiences on this post I don't need to mention the endless chains of promised returned phone calls, phone queues, letters & discussions with branch managers.. I have also rung them regarding another basic mess up and am back to square one in the complaints procedure... soul destroying.

I have been with Nationwide over 29 years

I never had a problem with them untill about 2 years ago

There customer service sucks. I was actually told by a memeber of there staff that should have been slighty more sympathetic when i was made redundant and not say and i quote "well your just have to get a job then!!!!!"

Really!!!!! If only i had thought of that lady i wouldnt be on the phone trying to be proactive and keep my credit score intaked would i derrrrr

If you want to actually speek to anyone, well your have to fight your way through a endless list of options stay on hold for at least 20 mins and then be bounced around all the departments because "they" dont deal with that and then if your lucky you might get cut off to go through it all again.

Oh no hang on thats no differant to many of the companies out there today anyway.


I too am very concerned at the "piss poor" service advice given is contradicted by different staff.They have difficulty locating money that should be allocated to accounts(not too smart for a bank) ie.a cheque that sat in a suspence account of theirs for over 10 days.I wouldn't have minded but for the fact that it was £26000.Closing the wrong account which was an Isa; you can only imagine how long that took.Finally having recently secured full Pow/Att on behalf of my ill mother to be told that i couldn't take money for her out of her account that her pension is paid into!

Yesterday my wife went to our local branch of the Nationwide BS intending to withdraw a sum of money to pay a bill. However should could not draw out the money required because most of the money in the ISA account had been transfered to another account in her name. The bill was one requiring immediate payment but immediate access to the moved funds is not possible.

The explanation given by the branch was that the funds were never in the ISA account in the first place, (even though the pass book clearly identified that the funds were placed in the account). Then the story seem to change to imply that some tax rules had been broken. We have checked carefully the rules applied to ISA's and connot see how this can be true.

Needless to say, once we have fully identified where the money is and satisfied ourselves that none of my wifes money is missing, we will close all of our Nationwide accounts.

i have several accounts with nationwide have had nothing but problems with them from the very beginning. Have been uninformed of bank charges on my account for 12 months for them to write to me demanding the entire amount at the end of 12months. including no statements sent. then paid off to sort issue an enter complaint told no problem account will be closed with no further charges. call today to chase the closing letter re account to be told account still open and charges for another 3 months on account. told that they will call me back after listening to the calls but still waiting. very quick to contact you if you are in the wrong or owe them money but seem to not be bothered or not interested when other way round.

could you please tell me if you had any success with your complaints,against nw,to the fsa and the banking ombudsman?I have been living a complete nightmare,for almost a week.A member of nw fraud team,called me to inform me that someone in Eastern Europe had attempted to take money from my account.They not only attempted to take it,when I got to a nw branch I discovered to my horror they had been successful.They had not taken some money they had cleared the account,down to the last pound.After several attempts to placate me,I was told the money would be replaced that day then the next,then the next.I have a pregnant wife with high blood pressure,we have absoloutely no money,that is my only account.We have been told yet again,the money will be in the account tomorrow.We have been without any money or any help or soloution from nw for 5 days.We would appreciate any help or advice.Just dont know how this could happen as its only a flexaccount with an atm card.When I want to withdraw more then my daily limit I have to notify them in advance and arm myself with passport and bank statements to take out my money yet nw allowed these people to empty my account over the internet in a few hours.HOW?WHY?

I have just found out the interest rate that Nationwide are offering me for keeping in excess of £9000 in an "E- Savings Account" for the last year, appears to be 0.45% before tax!!!! and 0.36% after tax. Inflation this year (February 2010 was 3.7% RPI). So in effect This is a losers account rather than a savings account. Guess what? I shall be saying goodbye to Nationwide. To me this feels like worse than a kick in the balls from Nationwide for being a stupidly loyal customer.

Nationwide service has gone through the floor. they no longer care about members. their customer facing staff act more and more like we the members count for nothing. I hope all nationwide customers move to another mutual. Nationwide are only the largest mutual while we leave our business with them. vote with you feet. empty your accounts. there are better mutuals out there.

Nationwide service has gone through the floor. they no longer care about members. their customer facing staff act more and more like we the members count for nothing. I hope all nationwide customers move to another mutual. Nationwide are only the largest mutual while we leave our business with them. vote with you feet. empty your accounts. there are better mutuals out there.



Hi I too had problems with Nationwide customer service and spent hours on the phone and got nowhere. Eventually I emailed their ceo, Graham Beale directly and my problem was sorted out within the week!

Have been a Nationwide customer for 15 years. Can confirm they have gone to the dogs. My ISA bond matured on April 1st, so I returned a form in mid March asking that the proceeds be transferred to their new E-ISA. This is guaranteed under their rules to happen within 28 days of receiving my form. 50 days have passed and there is no sign of the funds being transferred. I have rung their ISA line but it is a joke, 3 calls where I was kept on hold for 30 mins each time. When I finally got through I spoke to an absolute idiot who could give me no information about what was happening and refused to put me through to anyone senior. So I put in a formal complaint, but have heard nothing. When this is sorted I shall certainly be moving my fuinds to a new provider, but because of the delay I have lost out on all the best deals, losing me neraly £400 in interest. An absolute shambles!!

It comes as no surprise to read this thread of comments about NW.

My wife and I have given up trying to become "new" NW customers after a frustrating 2 weeks of attempting to invest 100k between us in a Fixed Bond. The problems and attitudes we encountered are all covered in other peoples' previous comments. Er, such as:

- On our first visit we could not get past the Gestapo-like person on the sort of "lectern" at the Branch entrance. We DID say precisely which product we wanted ( = the one advertised daily by NW in the national press); how much we wanted to invest,etc. We were told that we'd need ID but in a pretty aggressive way; that there was "no way" we could have an appointment on any day in the coming week because of staff shortages; but that we could complete the process at this "lectern". This totally contradicted our "cutomer experience" at other providers and in a similar scenario- which would normally be along the lines of "Yes, it's a large amount; THANK YOU for investing with us; you will appreciate some privacy". We left the NW branch, wondering whether we would ever return to NW.

- My wife returned on the next working day ( we had been so gobsmacked by the 1st experience)to recheck the situation, only to be met by the same mix of dismissiveness.

- We then phoned the NW national number( as we could not phone the branch)and complained. We were told that due to staff shortages, the next available appointment would be on a Tuesday of the following week.

- We duly turned up only to be told that the interest rate we had wanted had been reduced 2 working days prior to our appointment. We complained but were then seen by a 2nd person who proceeded to try to sell us a wrapper of equity-based products. Obviously, the "sales light came on" at the mention of 100k. This was appalling as we were not asked any questions which would have constituted even the flimsiest of reviews of our circumstances.

-We left and placed our money elsewhere a day later. In the process, we were offered an appointment, private room - a coffee.

My own contact with NW dates back to opening a Savings Account in about 1970 and taking out our 1st ever mortgage in 1976.We will never darken their doors again.

I too have had problems with nationwide isa bonds. Filled in forms in mid march to amalgamate 2 maturing isa bonds (6&7 April) plus a cheque and a covering letter explaining what I wanted . They acknowledged receipt end of March and 3 weeks later duly amalgamated the bonds and paid in cheque. The only problem is that they have not opened the bond offered in their paperwork but left the account as a matured instant isa.I have emailed several times and also called in at my local branch 3 times to no avail. It will soon be end of May. This is totally unacceptable. The only other building society I have dealt with is the Coventry who are highly efficient and always do transactions within the week. I have other funds invested with Nationwide which I shall now withdraw.

Hi, I had success through the Ombudsman but it took about six months and things only got moving once I served a writ to their Swindon legal team -good luck!

Sounds like some people are unhappy, I have been with Nationwide for many years and have had no issue with any of my banking needs.

I can't begin to tell you the trouble i am having with a simple ISA transfer to Nationwide! I will never use them again. Surly call centre staff (probably because of the amount of complaints they are getting), appalling service, errors and it's all a complete mess

I have been a Nationwide customer for several years. I was phoned on my mobile in the evening asking me to phone back an 0845 number urgently. I thought this was probably a scam as I was asked personal questions. I phoned my local branch the next morning who gave me a number to phone. I was informed this is a new procedure contacting customers regarding their Flex Accounts and about reducing their overdraft.

I had transferred money from an account elsewhere to reduce my overdraft to Nationwide's requirements and am well within it and feel agrieved and harrassed (rummaging through my bag to answer the call in a busy supermarket in out of office hours for Nationwide) and will be taking my custom elsewhere!! I feel sorry for staff as I have encountered nothing but politeness and helpfullness in my local branch. However, with the way Nationwide is going, it will not be long before they encounter a downturn.

I'm afraid to say it but Nationwide is one of the worst FS institutions I've worked with in recent years. They seem caught between the mentality of a mutual and an american credit card company... Internally their middle management are too numerous, and waste is rife. They have a programme to update their legacy systems but it's massively expensive and seems poorly managed. Either be a mutual or a shareholder based organisation, not the former desiring the latter.... AVOID!

Ex portman customer tyring to close down my ISA accounts from before the merger - Branch says call head office, head office says to call the branch because they can't find any details of the accounts. Am spending way too much time on hold and mysteriously transferred around departments - like to the mortgage subsidiary?!

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