NHS versus private healthcare

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I think that people who have private health insurance should receive some sort of rebate for this when they use the benefits of the policy.

Either they pay for it personally at great cost or is given as a company benefit which is classed a taxable. They are savng the government / NHS money for having this insurance.

Similarly parents paying for private education should receive tax relief on the payments they make and not have to pay additional fees for GCSE examinationsa nearly £300 on top in our case. They are saving the government and educaion authoritys thousands

Your Comments

Are you suggesting that similarly all of us who are working/employed should get rebate off National insurance as we don't live on benefits?!

Not at all !

The benefit system is there for people in need, people may need it if they become too ill to work or become redundant. True people who are working pay for this as do people who have worked before and fallen on hard times. Nobody can say they will never need benefits in the future. The NHS and education system is grossly underfunded and is struggling therefore the more people who opt out of this means more funds for the rest - hence my previous blog

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