Money Saving - what we need to do - mobiles & insurance

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What surprises me is the number of people I work with who when it comes to mobiles and insurance simply take what is given to them.

 I spoke with one girl about car insurance and told her what I do, 10 minutes later she saved £150. Better in her pocket than the insurers.

 Another girl who pays twice the amount that I do for a phone contract yet I have better benefits. So after a little chat I have advised that a quick call to her provider and the benefits she will now be able to get. She is now getting a free bolt on which she didn't have and by having this has been able to reduce her tarriff saving her £15 a month. That is a lot for a student who is working through the summer to help make the next year a bit easier.

Just get out and ask for a better deal and look to see what there is out there. By doing this can and will save you hundreds.

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