Would you take the Megabus to Paris?

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How do you fancy being stuck on a coach for nine hours while travelling to Paris, Amsterdam, Boulogne or Brussels? It might not your first choice, especially when flying takes about a tenth of the time, but what about if the cost of the journey is less than a tenner? I for one would jump at the chance and luckily for me Megabus has now started travelling to Europe.  

Its budget coach tickets are available to these four cities as the company try to shake up the travel market. Journeys will take up to 10 hours but book early and you could get a return journey for less than £10. Some fares start at just £1. Compare this to the cost of tickets from London to Paris with Eurostar that start around £80 one way, or return flights from London to Amsterdam that will set you back about £120, and for me there’s really no other option.

But remember, Megabus provides a ‘no frills’ service. There’s no cabin crew here and the most you can expect is forking out for an over-priced sandwich from a service station every two-three hours. And you can’t choose your passengers - a friend of mine once had to endure a hellish four hours to Cardiff stuck with a coach-load of loud, smelly men on a stag do. My advice – avoid any young children and sit at the front of the bus, it may be uncool but you're less likely to get stuck with the lairy passengers.

At university, I became a seasoned Megabus traveller. It’s not that much different to any other coach service and although I did have a few hairy journeys, such as one horrific Leeds to London trip in August with broken air conditioning, on the whole it’s been pretty good to me.

However, it’s not just for penniless students. If you’ve got the time to spare on a longer journey, you can save a lot of money and these cheap European coach tickets could provide many families with an easy way to cut the cost of a holiday abroad.

But, Megabus is not for everyone. While I’d happily sit on a coach for eight hours if it meant saving £100, many of my friends wouldn’t be seen dead on one.

If like me you’re a sucker for a bargain and don’t see the point in shelling out more than you need to on travel, start planning your next Euro break. However, if I’ve not been able to convince you, and you’ve got no time to spare, stick to the Eurostar.  

Do you have an opinion on Megabus? Is it a viable option for you to travel to Paris for £1 if it’s going to take nearly 10 hours? Or is the journey time just too long to even consider? Leave your thoughts below.


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