The triumph of the boy racer

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As a reasonably cautious driver I’m usually pretty safe on the roads but I’ve been in cars with several of my male friends and I can safely say they are a lot more reckless.

This is not just my thrill-seeking friends either, it’s a well-known fact that women are safer drivers. The average 18-year old man’s claim is £4,400 compared to the average woman’s at £2,700, so why should we be penalised with rising insurance costs because of this?

The European Court of Justice ruling left me in shock this week. I think it’s a case of a real lack of common sense and the only silver lining is the timescale in which it will be implemented. Instead of an immediate change, insurance companies will have until 21 December 2012.

But what does this mean? Petrol is already sky high and rising and now car insurance prices will rise for young female drivers. Men pay more because they are riskier drivers so how is this fair?

What’s even worse is that boy racers, who pose the greatest risk to other drivers and themselves, will actually now being paying less. The number of them on the road is therefore likely to go up creating a higher risk to everyone driving. Eight out of 10 accidental deaths of men aged 15 to 19 occur on the road and overall, road crashes are the biggest killer of 15 to 24-year-olds in the UK. The ruling is insane and is basically attacking safer drivers.

When you pass your test, by carrying on to do the Pass Plus course your overall insurance rate will go down and parking in a garage, reducing the mileage, raising the excess and keeping the car secure will help lower costs. But women will now have to pay around 40% more on insurance and I for one will struggle with this hike.

The AA says an annual car insurance bill for a young woman will go up by £400. This amount is unacceptable in a time when young people are already bearing the brunt of the government’s cuts.

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so what about the thousands of young male responsible drivers out there? are you saying they should be penalized because a a few boy racers?

Don't forget that previously "girl racers" got cheaper insurance than careful male drivers, just because there's less girl racers than boy racers. How was that fair to the careful male drivers?

For years women around the world fought for equal rights, to be seen as equal to men in all ways, to earn equal pay, to work equal hours, (as it should always have been) I could go on and on but when it is now stated in law that women are now equal in terms of insurance you are all doing the typical woman thing - crying about it.

The majority of women drivers are safer or more careful behind the wheel, granted, but I have seen some right idiots also in my time, so why should women get cheaper rates just because they are careful drivers. I have driven for over 37 years with never an accident yet I do not expect or demand to pay cheap insurance premiums. it would be nice but I am rated the same as others in my category.

And where on earth did "boy racers, who pose the greatest risk to other drivers and themselves, will actually now being paying less" come from, their high premiums will not go down, simply because the insurance companies know that they can keep the rates high and the so called boy racers will have to pay, as will the thousands of boy drivers who are tarred by the same brush and yet who will go on to have an unblemished driving record, no discounts for them either.

their is surely a simple solution to this - the insurance companies simply need to state "your application will be assessed on several criteria to ascertain the risk level and will be priced accordingly", when the question is then posed "has my policy been priced lower because i am female?" the answer is NO. i am male by the way, and simply cant understand how this can be deemed as sexism, or against human rights or whatever else twoddle they want to call it - insurance is a risk based industry and therefore if you pose a higher risk you should pay more - otherwise we will all soon have to pay policies based on us having x number of points and zero no claims bonus, otherwise it would be discriminatory against those idiots who cant drive sensibly and have to pay more than those of us with a clean licence!! (im not in insurance either - just using my common sense)

What can we do abou this? Stupid European ruling. I have 2 teenage daughter's - why should they pay more when boys (I was one once) definitely are a higher risk?

"There are lies, damn lies, and statistics!!!!"

I wonder if women are safer drivers? I've had very few crashes (regardless of blame), but lots of damage done in shopping car-parks. The crashes have all been reported, but the minor damage has always been left without so much as a 'Sorry!' note left on the windscreen. Either way they are accidents and should be recorded! Many more such accidents will be settled at the scene, and again not recorded, as no claim has been made. The law of averages suggest that at least the majority of the car park accidents should be lady drivers, purely because they make up the majority of drivers in the car-park.

I would be interested to know whether uninsured male drivers are included in the accident statistics, and premium calculations. Stolen cars are predominantly driven by males.., but certainly I would argue that their statistics should not be included in any premium calculations (if indeed they are) because they are not typical of male drivers, likewise the uninsured drivers. Why should the young males who drive carefully to protect their premiums be penalised by the feckless any more than their female counterparts.

We tend to stereotype the young male as more likely to be criminally involved, because of the overt violence and crimes such as burglary. Yet if one gives it thought, the majority of thefts are shoplifting, and the majority of shoplifters are female. Perhaps we view the youth of today with undue prejudice. 




Typical feminist clap-trap ! To group all young male drivers under the heading 'boy racer' is frankly absurd.

My son was forced to pay £2500 in his first year to insure a 10 year old Nissan Micra on third party. At the same time his girlfriend only paid £1600 to insure a similar car which she prompty drove into a parked car, writing off both. Her next renewal was almost £1000 less than his ! My son still pays almost £1000 after 4 years of safe and careful driving. The european court got something right for once.

Women get a raw deal you say? Moan, moan, moan

What about the poor men, who die sooner, work longer, retire later and will have to receive unisex pensions in future? Unlike the young women drivers who will pay some hundreds more for a few years, these poor old blokes will receive thousands of pounds less for the rest of their lives.

Stop trying to make out that women are the ones who will lose.

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