The Olympic fiasco continues

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Money has started coming out for London 2012 tickets and I’m now checking my account obsessively to find out how much has gone. I’ve also started the guessing game of trying to work out what events I might have scored tickets to.

But the annoying thing is even when money does leave my account there won’t be any news of what tickets I’ve been successful for until 24 June and even when I’ve jumped through all these hoops, if I end up with too many, it will be another six months before I can sell them back.

The ballot system has been heavily criticised for its lack of transparency and the organisers are accused of encouraging people to panic buy tickets and bid for more than they could afford and paying out a mass amount with no idea what the money has gone towards.

And this week another loophole has been revealed as people in Germany have been able to get hold of tickets and bypass the massively oversubscribed ballot system we have in the UK. An official International Olympic Committee (IOC) endorsed website is selling tickets in Germany on a first come first serve basis, and although it is available to non-German residents, very few people are aware of it in the UK

There are a number of official reselling websites (listed on the LOGOF website) and each has its own regulation on ticket buying but I think it’s really unfair that people in the UK are the only ones having to enter the ballot system – when we’re the ones hosting the event.

There have been a lot of complaints about how the system is organised and the lack of information available, and I’ve found even as a journalist there doesn’t seem to be a clear plan of how the whole process will work. Obviously with the scale of the Games, there are bound to be problems, but these issues are embarrassing.

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UK residents are not the only ones that are getting screwed.

In America, we were only able to apply through a single reseller. The single ticket markup was in excess of 150% (so much for LOCOG's "reasonable allowable markup."

The only way to ensure tickets is to buy a "package" from the reseller that includes accomodation and other extras I don't need or want for a cost of $16,000 up for four days. I'm not wealthy and can't afford that any more than any other average person.

The reseller notified me today I got none of my request and that, among other things, they were able to "award" 1/10 of 1% of the requests for opening ceremony tickets.

I've been visiting the UK on holidays for 30 years and had hoped to make an extra-special trip in 2012 - but perhaps not.

I'm still very sorry for all of you in the UK who are getting screwed after you're paying for the infrastructure.

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