The charade of swapping phone contracts

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Since recently moving out of the dark ages and buying a smart phone, I’ve been reminded how annoying changing contracts can be.

I’ve been an O2 customer for the past five years, after initially being swayed to sign up to a contract with the promise of £100 of free Benefit make up. 

Finally a few weeks ago my contract ended and I started looking out for a new one. I’ve been used to drawing or printing out maps when I travel and only accessing the internet from a PC, and the fact that even my parents have Blackberries made me realise it was time for an upgrade.

I ventured into the phone shop at lunch to find it packed with fellow confused customers and after waiting for 20 minutes I eventually spoke to the ‘phone expert’ who informed me the deal in the brochure was the only one I could get and there was nothing extra my five year relationship could offer me.

Undeterred, I called up customer services to be given exactly the same message. After searching around I found Vodafone had the same offer with a range of extra things which persuaded me to swap providers. When I called back O2 and they realised I was serious about leaving, I was transferred to another department where I was finally offered some extra benefits.

It’s a strange concept that to get a better deal on any contract you have to first use the precious line, ‘I’m leaving you’ to then be transferred somewhere else and offered something better.

Surely the fact I had been with the same company for five years was enough? Doesn’t customer loyalty mean you shouldn’t have to go through the charade of pretending to leave to be given something better?

This time however I didn’t budge, I’d already moved on and I’m now in a new relationship with Vodafone, long may it last.



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Be readfy to do it all again when the Vodaphone contract ends. Loyalty just means they get to rip you off same the insurance companies. Customer apathy is a huge money spinner for any service providers.

The same thing happened to me with Orange and my response was to do the same - when will they learn that the extra few calls we made to them offering them the opportunity at the time should be respected and that the final cancellation call is too late to try and keep you sweet?

I agree with the other comments but I stayed with o2. Part of my deal was for unlimited internet access. Surprise surprise 3 months later they used the terms and conitions which state they can alter it at any time to reduce my internet access.

Had the same issue with 3, visited the shop and was told if I wanted to keep my number would have to pay for the handset, pointed out could go and keep my number with other operaters at no cost, still wouldn't budge, but when phoned offered to undercut new deal by £120 over 2 years, and double phone allowance

Have been with T Mobile for the past 7 years and would not budge from the extra £2.50 discount they give off the bill of £ 15.00, shopped around and got a much better deal with Orange for much less, I would say always shop around

All phone providers are the same, CPW I have been with them 7 years they couldnt offer me anything better if fact worse deals on some phones so I repeatedly told them I was leaving, they then sent me a bill and told me I was been into the contract they told as I had traded in my phone early on two occasions so now I have to pay extra!!! the discounted rate ceased and I now have to pay full price, the sooner I can transfer my pac number over to my new phone (thats on its way) the better, none of this was discussed at the point of sale or during negotiations for a new phone, once they knew I was serious they immediately emailed me my revised bill with ALL the addtional charges!!! buyers beware...

i have had the same experience with CPW and also T Mobile. CPW i would not touch with a barge pole ever again, i'd much rather spend money with a company who actually values their customers rather than continually ripping them off and telling lies to get a sale!

T mob i had been with for 10 years and they weren't prepared to offer me anything to stay, the only reason i did so year after year is that i thought it was too much hard work to change providers. however i took the plunge earlier this year. T mob lost a valued customer who paid a considerable amount each month but at the end of the day they don't care so why should i give them my money?!

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