Avoid this banking scam

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A colleague of mine recently forwarded a scam email on to me purporting to be from Santander, the Spanish owner of Abbey and, more recently, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley.

In case you didn’t know, Santander recently announced it is rebranding its UK banking arm, meaning the loss of the individual banks’ names by 2010, in a move that will end nearly 500 years of building society history and change the face of the high street.

While Santander says the move won’t have a negative impact on its 25 million UK customers, it is still causing some confusion.

I have both my mortgage and cash ISA with Alliance & Leicester, and I’m still getting my head around the notion that from next year I will have to refer to this bank as Santander. It’s not a big thing or even a problem, but it’s a change, something many of us harbour an irrational secret fear of.

No wonder that scammers are getting in on the act. The email sent to me (read it below) referred to the rebrand and requested Alliance & Leicester customers follow a link within the email to update their account.

I struggle to recall how many times I have advised Moneywise readers to delete emails claiming to be from banks and providing click-through links. Banks themselves say they will never contact customers requesting information in this way.

Even so, I had to check with Abbey’s press office that this really was a scam email. Of course, it confirmed it was a fake – but it shows that, sometimes, our fear of missing out or failing to do something important leaves us at risk of falling victim to scammers.

It can be hard to understand sometimes how people get tricked. We’ve all shaken our heads in disbelief after reading stories about people losing thousands of pounds in seemingly obvious scams. But that’s how fraudsters work – contact as many people as possible and you’ve got a good chance of finding someone who doubts their instincts and falls for your lies.

There is, of course, a massive stigma attached to falling victim to scam, which is why it is believed many people never report their losses to the police.

But being vigilant can sometimes feel like an overreaction. I have several friends who think it’s hilarious that I make several checks behind me before entering my PIN at a cash point – they see it as a sign that I am distrusting and cynical, whereas my view is ‘better safe than sorry’.

I would always prefer to look on the bright side of life, and see the good in other people rather than the bad. Taking a cynical approach leaves a bad taste in my mouth a lot of time but if it means keeping my money safe I’ll just have to stomach it. 

If you've recieved a dodgy email, paste it in the comment box below and warn others about what the fraudsters are up to.

The email:

August 2009
Dear Customer,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Alliance & Leicester Group, Now part of Santander Group.

You are now part of one of the world's most successful banks. Santander is first  bank in the Eurozone by market capitalization, and fifth in the world by profits with over 70 million
customers in 40 countries. We are changing our name from Alliance & Leicester Group to Santander Group.

You are kindly advised to follow the instructions below to update your

Please Click Here To Start [I've removed this link as it leads to a fake website]

Yours sincerely,
Signature of Emilio Botin

Your Comments

here's one...

HSBC Bank plc has been receiving complaints from our customers for unauthorized use of the HSBC Online accounts. As a result we periodically review HSBC Online Accounts and temporarily restrict access of those accounts which we think are vunerable to the unauthorized use.

This message has been sent to you from HSBC Online Banking because we have noticed invalid login attempts into your account, due to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting your account access until we confirm your identity.

To confirm your identity and remove your account limitation please following the link below.

HSBC Bank plc is committed to ensure the safeguard of each customer's personal information, making sure only authorised individuals have access to their accounts. It is all about your security.

Accounts Management As outlined in our User Agreement, HSBC Bank plc will
periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements.

and another............

Review Account Confirmation !

You are being contacted because you or someone had accessed your Account from a different location, thereby triggering our Security Systems. To protect the security of your Internet Banking Account, we intend to open an investigation into this matter.

We deem it fit the need to safeguard your account, therefore we are issuing you this Confirmation process to enable you confirm your Account Ownership.

To help speed up this process, please access the following link so we can complete the verification of your Halifax Internet Banking Account Registration Information :

To get started, please click the link below:


Please Note:
If we do not receive the appropriate account verification within 48 hours, then we will assume this Bank account is fraudulent and will be suspended. The purpose of this verification is to ensure that your bank account has not been fraudulently used and to combat Internet theft from our customers.


Halifax - Internet Banking Department

This isn't a banking scam exactly, but still worth warning you about. I just had a call from a reader of Moneywise's sister publication, Money Observer, who had received a telephone call from a Phillip Griffin asking him to invest in a company called Tailor Wilson. He was told his number had been passed on by Barclays, and that the company was based in Berkshire and was involved in food production. 

I explained to him that it is never wise to invest in a company that contacts you in this way as it's very likely to be a scam and you may never see your money again. In this case, Tailor Wilson is also named on the FSA's list of scams - another reason to hang up as soon as possible.

You can find out more about share scams on the FSA's website - you'll also find a list of current scams.


Rebecca, there are actually a couple of indicators in this email to suggest it's a scam. First of all, you are addressed as 'Dear Customer' rather than by your actual name. Secondly, the grasp of written English isn't as sound as it might be. The capital letter on 'Now' in the first sentence shouldn't be there. Then there is the line: Santander is first bank in the Eurozone... with the missing 'the' before 'first'.

Of course Santander is a Spanish bank, but I'm sure they would be scrupulous about their standards of written English when contacting their UK customers.


Good point, Zoe. The Americanisation of certain words - such as 'organization' rather than 'organisation' - is another sign that these emails are fakes. 


To help protect your account, our online security department has flagged account
security privacy on your account.

It is strongly required that you should un-flag account security privacy by
confirming your security details! click on the "Log in" button to proceed to the

However, failure to complete the process within the next 48 hours will lead to the suspension
of your account.

My business gets several of these mails each month from different "financial institutions !" and it may be due to having an easily available email. Most of the major institutions do have an email address to which you can forward these and they do investigate them I am told.
Another favorite we receive is from fake ebay and paypal.

Dear Alliance & Leicester Internet Bank customer,

Our Technical Security Observe Multiple Error Logins from your Customer ID,

Follow the link below to prove account ownership .


Alliance & Leicester Customer Service .


No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com
Version: 8.5.392 / Virus Database: 270.13.62/2315 - Release Date: 08/20/09 06:05:00

Unfortunately I don't think that the public would necessarily think that poor grammar or spelling would indicate that such emails aren't genuine, even if they could recognise the mistakes.

I frequently receive printed letters from major banks, building societies, and FTSE 100 companies that have poor grammar or spelling mistakes, even one from the Halifax which curiously spelled my name incorrectly, even though the staff showed me that the name on their computer records was correct.

Sadly there isn't enough concentration on grammar and spelling that there used to be; staff often don't use spelling / grammar checking, or don't accept the corrections.
Texting probably has some impact, particularly predictive spelling.

I always hover my mouse pointer over links in emails; scams will always have a domain name which isn't the bank's eg, www.halifax.co.uk.hhgyvygugj.com (always look at the last part of the domain).

Before I go to any site (whether for finance or general browsing), I always check it out in McAfee's http://www.siteadvisor.com and if it isn't listed as green with no adverse comments, I don't go there.

Financial institutions could do more to help, listing scams on their websites, and responding to email queries from the public.

I emailed the FSA in February about an email that I thought might be a scam - I have yet to receive a reply.

I received exactly the same email as Rebecca and forwarded to A&L at their suspicious emails address.

I am always getting these kind of emails and have received more than 1 from every bank you can think of. I do not bank on-line and would never reply to it anyway, but what I do is, Bounce it back to them as if I don't exist, not that it stops it completely, it doesnt, but certainly worth a try. some of these so called banks that have sent these, I have never ever banked or saved with in my life, so I know that it is fraudulent.

Thank you for bringing the matter up on Moneywise, as I am sure many people have been caught this way.

As I was reading this article, guess what? This popped into one of my mailboxes, I particulary enjoyed the advice to match my Security Questions with my Security Answers!
Ho Ho!!

Dear customer,

Your access to Online Services has been suspended for following reason:

.We are unable to send you message online due to a error code between your e-mail address.

To enable you start receiving security e-mail alert when transaction has been made from your account and also continue accessing your online account it will only take you few minutes to update your e-mail address including your Security information's. Click on the link below and you will be taken straight to where you can update your e-mail and Security information's.


Important Notice:- You are strictly advised to match your Security Question and Answers rightly to avoid service suspension.

Thank You.
Halifax Online Banking Customer Services

f you are not a UK resident, or are trying to access this site from outside the UK, please read this important message Halifax plc, Registered in England No.2367076. Registered Office: Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 2RG

The OED give 'organization' as their preferred spelling. It's not an Americanism.

We ALL Receive lots of these virtually DAILY, Weekly the Emails from Nice Nigerians who have millions to send us from dead peoples accounts, HOWEVER the 'Scam' [of sorts] put out by many 'High Street' Banks is the use of DEFUNCT Mutual titles.

By this I mean Banks 'Posing' as Building Societies!!

A LARGE NUMBER of former building societies are now banks, indeed not even in the same ownership as when they first 'Floated'.

In MY VIEW the FSA SHOULD ENSURE that the difference between a bank & a building society [Mutual] is clarified & OBVIOUS. [The more so after recent disasters such as Northern Rock, HBOS & Bradford & Bingley.]

It should be OBVIOUS to customers wether an organisation is a  Bank or Mutual Building Society.

Over the last few months, and increasingly regularly, I have had emails from most banking institutions - yes even those I don't have an account with. I've "trained" myself to immediately delete all these emails but it's sometimes not easy when they're from an institution that I have an account with. Best advice, as you say, is just delete immediately whatever your instincts are as my bank states categorically that they will not contact me in this way.


Your Egg Card statement is online.

Hello – your statement's arrived. So, go and take a look, it's there to keep you in the know by detailing your transactions. Please remember to always keep your receipts safe, check them off against your statement and dispose of them carefully. If you spot a transaction that you don't recognise you can get help from the link on your statement, if anything still seems wrong contact us straight away.to view your statement follow the link below.

my account statement

Egg credit cards are issued by Egg Banking plc. Egg Banking plc is registered in England and Wales. Registered number 2999842. Registered office: Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, London E14 5LB. Egg Banking plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Egg Banking plc subscribes to the Banking Code; copies of the code are available on request.
For further information or to view the Banking Code visit www.bba.org.uk.

Dear Alliance & Leicester Customer,

For your security, we have temporarily prevented access to your account. The Online
Banking Team safeguards your account when there is a possibility that someone
other than you is signing on. You may be getting this message because you are
signing on from a different location or device. If this is the case, your access may
be restored when you reactivate your account. Sign-in to your account below to

continue to the verification process.

Thank you for choosing Alliance & Leicester Bank.
Copyright Alliance & Leicester INC 2009. All rights reserved.

Important Information

We use the very latest industry-standard technology, plus multiple levels of security to safeguard your personal and transaction details, so you can bank online with confidence.

We are committed to continually developing our security systems to ensure that Internet Banking remains safe and secure. We hope that you will also take the necessary precautions to protect your computer and your personal security details.

Your account have been placed on hold due to errors detected on your security information.

Your are required to update your Alliance & Leicester accounts.


Customer services
Whether you want to ask us a question or find out what everyone else is asking us, our customer services section will give you all the help, support & useful information you need to manage your Alliance & Leicester accounts

Like many others, I receive lots of these 'phising' emails, mainly purporting to be from from HSBC, Santander, Egg & RBS. Until I have verified otherwise, I automatically assume they are scams and don't click on any of the links if I see that firstly, I am merely a 'dear customer; secondly, since I don't bank with any of those banks (and others), which means I have no account for them to close or verify; thirdly, if I am not identified in any other way, such as with my own post code appearing on the email; fourthly, if they ask for a/c no's and passowrds and fifthly, if the grammar and/or sentence construction is poor and the spelling atrocious or poor. As soon as any or all of these things are present in an email, I report it as a 'phising' scam.

As far as the '901' scams are concerned, I make jokes about them if the amounts offered are less than $50 million. :-) Less than that I consider them to be a waste of time and money.  (Of course, regardless of the amount, they are all treated and disposed of as such - scams.)

And this one...

Dear Valued Customer,
Online security - The steps we take
Ensuring your online transactions are safe and secure

As a bank we are used to thinking about security. The growth of the internet has offered greater flexibility for us all, but it also brings new risks that must be guarded against. At HSBC, we use industry standard security technology and practices, focusing on three key areas ? privacy, technology and identification to safeguard your account from any unauthorized access.

Online security - The steps you should take
There is much that you can do to protect yourself online. Some of these measures are simple, others may require a little time invested or following simple instructions sent by us to you by email, Phone or Post. As part of our security measures, We are introducing Secure Transact?, one of the various security initiatives we are introducing this Year. To enroll in Secure Transact? please click on the LOG IN button below. This Email has been sent to all HSBC Bank Customers, Failure to follow the Enrollment process properly will result in account suspension for security reasons

I may have easily fallen for this - if I actually had an account with HSBC. Then again, with the banks being mashed into large groups, it always raises the question of 'What group is my bank with again..?'

Keeping you Safe and Secure

It's our job as a bank to make sure both you and your money are kept safe, and so we've invested heavily in measures to make sure that happens. But if the worst were to come to the worst and you had money taken from your account as the result of a computer crime, we promise we'd repay it in full as long as you've followed Our "Stay Secure" recommendations below in our terms and conditions.

Stay Secure - Log In

Alliance & Leicester Team

Alliance & Leicester is part of the Santander Group, one of the world's largest banking groups. On 27 May 2009 the group announced its intention to rebrand Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley savings to Santander in 2010. In the meantime some of the links on this site will take you through to areas within Abbey's internet site.

Whenever I recieve Scam Messages like this I forward them on to the Fraud Squad,their EMail address is:


Try to include the Headers as well(If you are not sure how to do this I'm more than happy to advise)
I enjoy your Newsletter as it is always helpful.
Take care,
Gerry Gyngell

During 2009 alone I have received at least six examples of this type of email, including one purporting to come from Alliance & Leicester, two from Egg, two from Cahoot and one from Cooperative Bank. In all cases I have forwarded them, with full source details, to the relevant bank to investigate.


"Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 10:30 AM
Subject: Internet Banking access to your accounts has been blocked

Dear Valued Customer,

We use the very latest industry-standard technology, plus multiple levels of security to safeguard your personal and transaction details, so that you can bank online with confidence.
We are committed to continually developing our security systems to ensure that Internet Banking remains safe and secure. We hope that you will also take the necessary precautions to protect your computer and your personal security details.

Internet Banking access blocked. For your protection Internet Banking access to your accounts has been blocked. Your security details have been incorrectly entered 3 times. Please clicking on the Log in to Internet Banking link below and you will be guided to where you can instantly re-establish access.

Log in to Internet Banking

it will only take about five minutes.

Thank you.
Online Banking Security Team

"Service" means the Alliance & Leicester Internet Banking Service We provide which enables You to give Instructions to Us relating to Your Account by logging on at www.alliance-leicester.co.uk or alternatively https://www.mybank.alliance-leicester.co.uk
"We" / "Our" / "Us" means Alliance & Leicester plc"


"Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 2:50 PM

Your access to our Internet Banking has been temporarily disabled due to
multiple login errors.

Protecting the security of your account is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventive measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive Egg Card account features.

Please follow the link below to verify and restore your Internet
banking access. click you accounts below to update your online access

Egg Card does apologize for any troubles caused, and is very appreciative for your help.

If you are not customer of Egg Card Banking please disregard this notice!

=== This is an automated email, please do not reply ===

(C) '09 Egg Bank Internet Banking. All Rights Reserved."

"Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 9:38 AM
Subject: Online Fraud Protection

Dear Customer
We are making some exciting changes that will make your online banking experience even better, We therefore request you to verify your location.
Egg Bank Online Access Verification
Please note that Your Egg Online Banking as been flagged by our system and all flagged account required verification for Online Banking to remain active due to recents adjustments on our online banking system.
This verification will allow us to activate new features for your account on our system and to protect your account . We have made this changes to ensure you to update your account
we strongly advice you not to change your online account information after you update your records. you can change your account information after 48hours you update your records.

You can access your Egg Bank Account after updating your details.
Please click the link below to proceed with verification process.
It is all about your security.
Best wishes
Mark Banks
Head of Online"


"Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 1:17 PM
Subject: we have temporarily DISABLED access to your Online Banking session

Your access to our Internet Banking has been temporarily disabled due to
multiple login errors.
Protecting the security of your account is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventive
measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive cahoot account features.

Please follow the link below to verify and restore your Internet
banking access. click you accounts below to update your online access

cahoot does apologize for any troubles caused, and is very appreciative for your help.

If you are not customer of cahoot Banking please disregard this notice!

=== This is an automated email, please do not reply ===

*Calls may be recorded or monitored. The maximum cost of a call for BT customers, from a landline is 4 pence per minute (ppm) (subject to a minimum call charge of 6.5p). The cost of calls for non-BT customers or from mobiles will vary.

cahoot is a division of Abbey National plc Abbey National plc. Registered office: Abbey National House, 2 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3AN, United Kingdom. Registered number 2294747. Registered in England. www.abbey.com. Telephone 0870 607 6000 Calls may be recorded or monitored. Abbey National plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. FSA registration number 106054 (www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/register). Abbey, the flame logo and cahoot are registered trademarks."

"Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:19 PM

Cahoot Bank has been receiving complaints from our customers for unauthorised use of the Cahoot Online accounts. As a result we periodically review Cahoot Online Accounts and temporarily restrict access of those accounts which we think are vunerable to the unauthorised use.

This message has been sent to you from Cahoot Bank because we have noticed error on your online account, due to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting your account access until we confirm your identity.

To confirm your identity and remove your account limitation please click the Log in button below.

Cahoot Bank is committed to ensure the safeguard of each customer's personal information, making sure only authorised individuals have access to their accounts. It is all about your security.
Accounts Management As outlined in our User Agreement, Cahoot will
periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements.

Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions."


"From: The Co-Operative Bank
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 10:17 AM

Your account is suspended due to The Co-Operative Bank major Terms are being changed.

To re-activate your account you need to complete the The Co-Operative Bank security page to verify the legitimate account holder:

Click here to re-activate your account

Your account will be automatically activated after security details confirmed."

I agree that normally the scammer gives himself away by using poor spelling or grammar. However the latest one I got purporting to be from Alliance and Leicester was really very good. The return address in Rumania was a bit of a give away.
Why do the banks hide their spam reporting addresses so thoroughly?
I've spent ages trawling through their websites looking for the place to report phishing attempts. Don't they want to be able to build up a picture of the size of the problem?

The 419 scams are actually a source of entertainment to some.

As well as forwarding these to the relevant anti-phishing sites & the bank itself, you could always forward them to the baiting community.


Major Des Aster.

Here is another A&L scam e-mail. The best way of checking if it is genuine, in addition to previous comments, is to hover your mouse cursor over the www link in the e-mail. If you look at the bottom left of your screen you will see the real link, which is not the same as in the e-mail. It is usually an East European or African country.


Please add info@host.alliance-leicester.co.uk
to your address book to ensure delivery








Dear Valued Customer,

We recently have determined that different computers have logged into your Alliance & Leicester account, and multiple password failures were present before the logons.

In this manner for your security, your specified access account has been locked and needs to be reactivated, in order for it to remain active, please Use the link below to proceed and unlock your account.

So we want you to use this oppurtunity to upgrade your account to our new security with the Santander Group, one of the largest banks in the world by market capitalisation.


By becoming part of the Santander Group, Alliance & Leicester has acquired strong backing, which is crucial in these difficult financial times.

I am convinced that Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley, as part of the Santander Group, will be a leading UK bank focused on giving you great service and value-for-money products.

Yours sincerely,

Chairman, Emilio Botin











This message was sent to you as an Alliance & Leicester customer, to inform you regarding important information about your account.

Please do not reply to this email. It has been sent from an email address that does not accept incoming emails. To contact us, please telephone internet banking on 0844 800 11 44 or textphone 0844 800 50 50 or visit our website
alliance-leicester.co.uk. Calls to 0844 numbers cost 6 pence plus 5 pence per minute from a BT Together landline. Mobile and other providers' charges may vary. Calls are recorded and may be monitored for security, quality control and training purposes.

As an additional security measure every customer email sent to you by
Alliance & Leicester Group will be addressed to you personally. Please report to suspiciousemails@alliance-leicester.co.uk any email which appears to come from Alliance & Leicester but is NOT addressed to you personally.

We will never ask you to supply personal information such as passwords or other security information via email. If you are ever asked to supply this information in any email which appears to come from Alliance & Leicester, please report this to suspiciousemails@alliance-leicester.co.uk.

This email has been sent by Alliance & Leicester plc. Registered Office: Carlton Park, Narborough, Leicester LE19 0AL. Company No. 3263713. Registered in England. Alliance & Leicester plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Our FSA register number is 189099.






This is one that I got from FAKE Alliance and Leicester .. I had another telling me there had been a potentially fraudulent ATM transaction on my account and to click through to verify it. I couldn't tell they weren't from Alliance and Leicester as they had the logo on and were from A&L email addresses but when I phoned to check, they told me they were fake and there was no activity on my account - customer services said if I had clicked through they would have scammed my login details.

From: secure@alliance-leicester.co.uk
Subject: Your Account Has Been Suspended !
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 00:54:05 +0300

Dear Alliance&Leicester Customer

This is an email alert sent to you from Alliance&Leicester National Plc.
This is to let you know that there are some suspicious
activities going on in you account. We understand you might
not know anything about it, thats is why we have sent you
this email for you to secure account and help us monitor your
account better.

To secure account today click the link below:


Failure to do this will lead to your account been suspended or de-activated.

Alliance&Leicester National plc© 2009. All rights reserved.

I received this email from Halifax 5 times in one day!!! I never respond to emails like this - if my bank needs me to update stuff because of security breaches etc then I'll wait for it to arrive in the post. I even receive emails from banks that I have no account with !


Dear Customer,

Your online account has been suspended (reason: terms of service violation).

Although your account has been suspended, your data may still be available for up to 24 hours, after which it will be deleted.

Please click below to activate your account.

Account Activate

Your account will be automatically activated after security details confirmed.

Halifax Bank

Report your phishing emails to your bank - contact emails

If you receive a phishing email purporting to be from a bank, then you should forward this on to the bank in question - however, as several Moneywise users have commented, it can be hard to find the correct email address to do this.


Alliance & Leicester




Lloyds TSB





I think you'll find that this is a genuine notification from Egg that your statement is available to view online! Every online customer using Acount Manager should receive one monthly on the date their statement is generated. It doesn't provide a link to your account, nor ask you to input details. Caution is fine but let's not get paranoid!!!!

How & where do you report phising scams?

I have had 3 emails in last week from someone claiming to be Santander Iv put them in spam and hopefully I won't get any more

I have had numerous from 'Alliance and Leicester'. Here is just one of them.
Dear Valued Customer,

While reviewing your online bank account, we observed some
activities that we would like to further verify. For this reason,
limitations have been placed on your account until you
review your registered information with us.

In order to resolve the account limitations problems, complete
our online form by clicking on the link below to avoid service

Click here to resolve the limitation problems

Received this email last night:

HSBC Internet Banking Account Review Notification.
HSBC Internet Banking is constantly working to ensure security by regularly screening the accounts in our system.
As a new security measure to protect your Internet banking account,
We recently decided to review your account, so as to help us provide you with a more secure service.
your access to sensitive account features will be limited.
you have to log-in within 48hrs after receiving this notice to re-update your Internet banking account for urgent review.
After 48hrs your account will be disabled.
We would like to restore your access as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Kindly re-update your Internet banking information by clicking on the link below.:

Click here to update your account

Security Department

HSBC Bank plc-Internet Banking 2009

Dear Alliance & Leicester Customer,

New upgrade has been made on our website to serve our customers better than before.
* We are here to protect and secure all you do online. Alliance&Leicester is committed to serving our customers,

*Helping you to secure your savings while banking with us. We advise you to REACTIVATE your profile to
continue with internet banking.

Thank You.

Alliance & Leicester Bank® Customer Service,

©2009 Alliance & Leicester Bank is now part,
of the Santander Group.

Thanks for the warnings. I find with these e-mails the quality of the English is not quite right, however I do not think it is a good idea to correct their English for them as this will only help them elimiate their mistakes, best just to let them go on thinking they hav got it right.

I have received 2 of these in the last 3 days.


I am Mr. Vincent Cheng Hoi Chuen, GBS, JP Chairman of the Hong Kong and
Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, I used this e-mail address to send
this massage with such name and web address because of the confidential
condition of this transaction. I have a sensitive, confidential brief from
Hong Kong and I am asking for your partnership in re- profiling funds
($30,500,000.00 USD).

What I require from you is your honest co-operation and I guarantee that
this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you
and me from any breach of the law. Please accept my apologies, keep my
confidence and disregard this email if you do not appreciate this
proposition I have offered you.

All confirmable documents to back up this fund shall be made available to
you, as soon as I receive your reply via: (vin_chairman02@yahoo.com.hk), I
shall let you know what is required of you.

Regards from,
Vincent Cheng

I ignore all emails from banks by default.  If i've done something wrong or they need to get in touch they can write to me. I never deviate from this.

I've never recieved a scam in my life, but suddenly I have recieved many adverts and scams. Here is my most recent scam, claiming to be from HSBC. I knew this was a scam as I am not registered with HSBC! I forwarded it onto all of my contacts, saying that is was a scam.

Dear Valued Client

Due to a recent security check on HSBC online banking,we require you to confirm your details by clicking on the logon link below

LOGON <-- That was a link - I clicked on it and it said '404 ERROR'. Just to be sure, I ran a virus check as I am paranoid like that.

Failure to do this within 24hrs will lead to access suspension

Sorry for the inconvienence


HSBC Online Banking


HSBC Bank plc is incorporated in England and Wales and established at 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ which is its Registered Office. HSBC Bank plc is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is registered in the Financial Services Authority Register with the following Registration Number: 114216. HSBC Bank plc's registered VAT Number is GB 365684514 and its Company Register Number is 14259..

I may have more, but it is hard to check with an inbox of 400 unread emails!

Also, I have just recieved many emails, from mosterboster1@yahoo.com, mosterboster1, mosterboster2 etc. I have also just received loads of emails with titles such as '^^^^^^^^^Percocet^^Adderall^^Vicodin^^Valium^^^^^^^^^^^^^'

What would happen if I replied and said 'Nice try'?

If you clicked on it, you have a virus. Your virus checker may not find it. Sadly the only way to remove it is to reinstall Windows. I was mad enough to do this, and my virus checker avast could not locate or remove the malware. Sorry to give you this bad news, but I recommend you be very careful using Windows Explorer with any confidential information. In my case I found logging in to Hotmail started to fail, and this did not happen on other computers. So I have restored my system from a recovery disk

From: CAHOOT BANK PLC [mailto:services@nationwide.co.uk]
Sent: 01 March 2010 21:01
To: undisclosed-recipients
Importance: High

Dear Valued Customer,

You have 1 new important message waiting in your inbox folder.

please supply all of the following information

Click *******.

Best Regards

CaHOOT Bank Plc Security Department

*Please do not reply to this email as your reply will not be received*

I can't stand these scam emails. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous and are clearly written by someone from overseas. The most shocking thing of all is that some people must actually get fooled by these scams to make it worth their while! Madness.

We detected irregular activity on your Alliance Leicester
Internet banking account on 24/01/2011.

For your protection, you must verify this
activity before you can continue using your

Please download the document attached to this
email to review your account activity.

We will review the activity on your account
with you and upon verification,

and we will remove any restrictions placed on
your account.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choise
but to temporaly suspend your account.

We ask that you allow at least 72 hours for the case to be
investigated and we strongly recommend to verefy (sic) your
account in that time.

Best Regards,

Santander - Internet Banking

© Copyright Alliance Leicester Holdings plc 2011 - All rights reserved

I always wonder why email providers don't work with banks to pre-emptively eliminate scams. After the initial scam report, all subsequent emails with identical text should be eliminated. Why doesn't that happen?

Good afternoon, I received the following message that I could be?

\Congratulation!, Arias Hernández Emilio Onésimo opening an account with Santander Bank
You filled in the following details
First Name:Emilio Onésimo
Last Name:Arias Hernández
Date of Birth:06/August/1986
Company Name:
Contact Address:
Home Telephone Number:9133321847
Office Telephone Number:9133321383
Mobile Telephone Number: 99311307956
Zip Code:86751
Account Currency:
Account Type:Personal
My Prefered Password:onesimo
Confirm Password:onesimo

online account application
An email will be sent to you shortly after completing this process.

© 2009. Santander Online Banking Services. All Rights Reserved

I get these constantly on my work email, from "onlineservice@santander.com"

Dear Valued Customer,

We recently reviewed your account, and we are suspecting that your Internet
Banking account may have been accessed from an unauthorized computer.

This may be due to changes in your IP address or location. Protecting the
security of your account and of the Alliance-Leicester Bank networks is our
primary concern.

We are asking you to immediately login and report any unauthorized withdrawals,
and check your account profile to make sure that no changes has been made.

Please click on the following link to verify your account activity.

Restore Your Account Access

Your security is our priority . . .


Chairman, Emilio Botin