Is it too late to Christmas shop online?

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Forgive what might appear to be a shameless plug, but I love Amazon.  With a family that love music and reading it  usually makes Christmas shopping really easy. However I can’t say that this year. In the first week of December I made three orders - two took their time in arriving, but eventually arrived last week and early this week.

One though, can’t be tracked down. I’ve contacted Amazon and it claims it must have gone missing - it’s offered to either refund the money or re-issue the order. Great I thought, just resend it - we’ve still got a good week to go. But Amazon claims that it can’t guarantee delivery before Christmas due to the adverse weather conditions.

I can appreciate that snow is making life difficult for everyone - but having to wait potentially three weeks for one order does seem a little excessive.

The delivery contains two items - I can at least replace one of the items (at greater expense) but thanks to my brother’s rather obscure taste in music, there’s no way I’ll be able to find the CD in my local HMV.

I have requested a re-order - but with little confidence in it arriving I’m going to need a plan B. At least I know that Amazon won’t quibble the refund should it have to be sent back.

Fortunately I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping but, in addition to my replacement gifts, I do have one or two more stocking fillers to buy. I’d hoped to be able to fix that with a final online shop this evening, but now that just isn’t an option. I’m going to have to shop the traditional way instead.

In this weather, going shopping in the snow with a fractious toddler in tow, is the last thing I want to do. Tomorrow has been dubbed ‘panic Saturday’ and I know I’m going to be one of the many who ends up spending a fortune as I trail round the shops in the desperate shop for the perfect gifts.


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It's your own fault. Shop earlier, get organised, don't blame others.

Amazon deliveries varies depending on which distribution depot your ordered item needed to come from.

I live in southern England, however a book I ordered was stuck in the Scottish Amazon Depot. I beleive Amazon also have large distribution centres in Milton Keynes and Swansea. managed to deliver within a few days just before Xmas for me.