How I cut my energy bills in half

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I've got a confession to make. Despite writing numerous stories on how much you can save by switching energy suppliers, when we moved house last year we stuck with our existing supplier, which once again I’m embarrassed to admit, hadn’t been reviewed in some time.

Switching suppliers was always on the to-do list, but what with unpacking and fixing all those problems you inevitably discover when you move into a new house, it never got done.  Or at least until a month or so go - almost a year after we moved.

After a couple of tight months I decided we had to be able to save some money somewhere, so rather than facing up to the grim task of cutting back on niceties, I decided to practice what I preach to see if we could shave some money off our energy bills (which were getting close to a £130 a month).

Approximately 20 minutes later I’d pretty much cut our huge Scottish and Southern bills in half - with my monthly direct debits now standing at around £64 with EDF.

The process was as easy as I’d remembered and the changeover was problem free. I did have one phone call from a rather enthusiastic Scottish & Southern salesman asking me why we were leaving them, but when I quoted the savings we were getting with EDF it was him that rather sheepishly had to end the call. I’d also been a bit concerned that Scottish & Southern might be a little lax in repaying the credit in our account but I had absolutely no need to worry.  

However, while we have slashed our bills, I’m still dreading our next one. The wind rattles through our front door and our ancient double-glazing is about as useful for keeping the cold out as a sheet of clingfilm. The solution is undoubtedly replacement double-glazing and a new front door, but sadly our budget isn’t going to stretch to that this year.

So, we decided to embrace energy efficiency on the cheap. One trip to Homebase later and we were stocked up with foam fillers to plug the draughty gaps round the doors and some reflective insulating wrap to go behind our radiators. And as my husband set to work fitting it all, I nobly got the laptop out and found some cute old fashioned draught excluders, just like the ones my Grandma used to have. I’m not expecting a miracle, but fingers-crossed it will go some way in stopping all that expensive heat flying straight out the door this winter.

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