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I really can say that I hate B and Q . After months of let downs and poor service I have still not received a product fit for purpose that was purchased in November last year . It is now February !! I am at my wits end and feel that I too will need to go to a small claims court. It is amazing when you talk to people about your experience how many have had terrible issues . I wish I had never ever set foot in their stores !! Wish me luck
Downtrodden B and Q customer who needs help!

We had a bathroom fitted in 2008 - £4500! (it took 3 months and 3 sets of fitters). We noticed in November 2010 (carpet behind wardrobe in bedroom completely soaked) that the bath wasn't sealed properly so has had a slow leak ever since - corroborated by an independent professional. Guess what.......not B and Q's problem. The whole bathroom, 2 1/2 years old, has been ripped out and refitted as the floor and walls were saturated. Small claims court for me too :-(( We now avoid them and have done our best to avoid them.

You can do it when you DON'T B and Q it. We ended up refitting it ourselves and much better than they did.

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